Top 5 Factors in Modern Technology Development

Technology has a key role to play in the modern world. Whether people realize it or not, their lives are influenced by technological products hundreds of times a day. For many, their definition of technology is something that they use directly, such as their mobile device or television. The broader world of course spreads much further, with technology being a crucial component of almost every industry around the world.

What are the factors that underpin the technology that we rely on to live our lives efficiently and easily, and how to they come to bear fruit?

Problem Solver

It makes sense that if something doesn’t solve a problem or meet business or consumer needs that there is little point in developing it. Thankfully, the world has a knack of coming up with issues that require a new product to solve. Even if there aren’t any, you can bet that a marketing team somewhere will convince the world that there is a need for something new.

 Modern Technology Development

Research and Development

Perhaps the element that holds everything together – without research and development departments nothing would ever move forward. Worse, we might end up with sub-standard products and gadgets that no-one has any interest in. The world wouldn’t end up back in the dark ages, but it’d be a much duller place.


‘Money makes the world go round’ might not be a phrase that makes a layperson think well of the planet, but it’s a fact that we have to live with. Many technology companies rely heavily on cash injections from private investors and other areas in order to accelerate projects and research initiatives.
The industry doesn’t exactly find it difficult to attract these investors either, technology is always an attractive proposition due to the huge returns that can be enjoyed should a product, or even a component to use within a product, takes off.

Lifestyle Trends

The way people live their lives is key in shaping the development policy of many in the technology industry. A key example of this is in the current popularity of green technology as more people than ever before become mindful of how they can influence the world they live in.
Apple, Google, and Samsung have made billions in recent years by catering for new consumer and business trends to access and use information, or access entertainment, on the move.

Scientific Advancements

Although this is closely linked to technological research, the reality is that the industry and science dovetail with each other in many respects, as science can open doors to new possibilities in technology, and vice versa.

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