There’s no escaping it, we live in a world of luxuries. The phrase ‘there’s an app for that’ really does sum up the way we live our lives, but it’s not just our phones that make things easier for us. In today’s society, there are so many things that we use on a daily basis that we just expect to be there and work first time, every time.

Although cars, televisions and mobile phones all fit into this category, they have arguably gone from being a luxury to a necessity. Instead, let’s focus on the less obvious devices that we use regularly but may not consider them to be a luxury. These are the things that we really take for granted and wouldn’t recognize their significance until they were gone.

Heated Towel Rails – Although you are unlikely to find these in every home, they are becoming more and more popular and definitely give luxurious results. On a cold winter’s morning or night, stepping out of the bath into an accommodating warm towel is an experience that we all look forward to. A heated towel rail is sure to solve the problem of not wanting to get out of the shower which in turn will save on wasted water.

A Lock and Key – Although it is such a simple process and it would seem strange to call it a luxury; anyone who has ever been locked out will tell you how important keys are. The fact that we can all leave the house every day, safe in the knowledge that everything we own is likely to still be there when we get back, gives us the biggest peace of mind we could ever ask for.

Elevators – I don’t know about you but I use a lift at least four or five times a day and although it may be better exercise to take the stairs, they are definitely a luxury that we can all be thankful for.
Buildings without lifts are rare these days but if you’ve ever lived in one you will know how grateful we all should be. And that’s just small buildings; anyone working in a big city sky scraper should have a mini celebration every time they remember they don’t have to climb hundreds of flights of stairs every day.

Remote Controls – Nowadays, a lot of electronically powered devices can be controlled via a remote. The locking system on our cars, the comfort settings on our furniture and even our lights can all be manipulated without having to be standing next to the actual appliance.
It’s not the TV who is the hero but the remote control that allows us to operate it from the comfort of our sofa. Remember that the next time you bemoan its lack of battery power or lose it down the side of the settee.

The Kettle – In recent years therehas been a huge increase in the amount of coffee shops that now line our high streets. The demand from the public to start their day with a nice cup of tea or coffee has propelled the industry into the forefront of the business world.

Whether you have yours at home before you leave in the morning, you pick it up on the walk form the train station or bus stop or quickly prepare it once you get to work; the emphasis is always on speed. People want good coffee and at a pace that isn’t going to massively effect their day. This wouldn’t be possible without the humble kettle.

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