The 5 Best Uses For Old Computer Monitors

One of the main problems that people run into with each passing year is that their technological products become outdated rather quickly. Whether you are buying a smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, laptop or other device, you can expect a better product to be released in the following year. Although you may think that purchasing a new monitor or computer will be a lost cause, you should also remember that there are ways to recycle these products. When it comes to monitors, there are a number of different ways you can still use that old monitor after you make your upgrade. Here are the five best uses for old computer monitors right now:

1 – Continue to Use the Old Monitor with Your New Computer
There is no rule that says you can only use one monitor with your computer, and you can actually use two at the same time if you have the right tools. You may think that having a second monitor would be useless, but it is actually very helpful for certain people. If you are someone who works on a computer all day long, then you can definitely understand how a second monitor could be helpful. Being able to view two large displays at once is much better than splitting one screen down the middle because you will be able to take in more information at once. One example of how a dual-monitor setup could help you is if you are taking notes on a video. You could have the video open on one monitor and Microsoft Word open on another. If you are a multi-tasker, then you definitely need two monitors in your life.

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2 – The Bedtime Screen
There are millions of people around the world who like to watch Netflix before they go to sleep, and a monitor is actually the perfect bedside companion. If you like to take in a few episodes of Family Guy or Lost before you hit the sack, you should think about placing your monitor right next to your bed. You can then connect it to Hulu or Netflix through a variety of different sources. Having this bedside television will be much better than bringing your laptop into bed with you. You could also add the monitor to the kitchen if you would like to watch a movie or television show while you eat.


3 – The Weather Screen
By hooking your monitor up to a simple computer, you can have a permanent weather screen in your home that is always able to tell you what’s going on outside. You can place these monitors in multiple rooms around the house. That way, you will always know what to expect when you leave the house in the morning.

4 – The Alarm Clock Monitor
Having a large screen to display the current time is always helpful, and an old monitor is perfect for the job. Although you will need to connect some speakers to the monitor if you want it to be able to wake you up in the morning, some people are find with the simple time display. This is another use of an old monitor that can be used in almost any room in the house.

5 – A Picture Slideshow
Everyone loves to have pictures of their friends and family members around the house, and one of the best ways to display those images is with a slideshow. If you have a stylish monitor that does not take up too much space, then you should think about turning it into a permanent slideshow that displays your favorite moments in life.

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