A Difficult Decision – The Nokia Lumia 820 vs. The Samsung Galaxy S II

The Nokia Lumia 820 vs. The Samsung Galaxy S II
It’s always interesting to see how big, famous companies compare against each other, and it’s no different in the mobile phone market. Nokia were one of the first cell phone manufacturers and were innovators in the field. However, they haven’t been doing too well recently, and after teaming up with Microsoft to make Windows operating system based phones, have been rapidly going down-hill. Samsung on the other hand can seem to do no wrong. Their Galaxy line is deservedly well reputed, being fast, sexy and reliable. So what happens when you put these two companies up against each other? We took the Nokia Lumia 820 and pitted it against Samsung’s Galaxy S II, to see what would happen. And we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was actually a really difficult decision to recommend one of them over another. Keep reading and find out the pros and cons of each device, and see if we can finally make a decision…

Why the Nokia Lumia is so Great…
Okay, we’ll start with the obvious difference: the Nokia is a Windows phone, not an Android. But don’t discount it immediately, because it’s got a lot going for it. Firstly, it’s a faster device. The Lumia 820 comes with a 1500 MHz processor, as opposed to the 1200 MHz processor run by the Samsung. This makes it more powerful, snappier and more responsive in general. Plus, it has faster maximum data speeds by a factor or around three times. That means quicker downloads and faster opening web pages. Finally, we like the battery life a lot. You get around seventy per cent more talk time per charge cycle on the Nokia. And you get around double the stand by time per battery charge cycle as well. This results in you charging your phone much less often.

Nokia Lumia 820 vs. The Samsung Galaxy S II

Why the Samsung Galaxy S II is So Great…
Okay, so the things that we liked about the Samsung… We like the screen. The Samsung comes with a Super AMOLED Plus screen, rather than the AMOLED screen on the Nokia, which is clearer and thinner as well as the fact that it drains less battery power. It has double the internal storage of the Nokia, coming with 16 GB of memory as opposed to just 8 GB. That means you can store more music, photos and data on your device. It’s also lighter, thinner and generally smaller than the Nokia, which didn’t surprise us too much, since Nokia’s all tend to be a bit chunky, whereas Samsung prefers a sleek profile. Finally, a couple of things we like about Android phones in general. You’re connected to the Android App Market, making downloading new programmers and games easy and convenient. Also, you can run multiple applications at the same time, browsing the web and talking on Skype, for instance, which Window’s phones just can’t handle.


Which Should I Buy?
This really is a tough decision. In general, we’d probably go for the more powerful phone, which is the Nokia. However, that extra storage space on the Samsung is very tempting. In the end, we give the prize to Samsung, mostly because of the storage and because we still prefer using Android to Windows. It really was a close run race though…

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