As April 15th approaches, taxpayers are getting ready to organize their financial life. From medical costs, donations, or business expenses, filing deductions with receipts can be time-consuming. Fortunately, there are a slew of smartphone apps that focus to simplify the process by helping users transfer receipts electronically by scanning receipts. Proved to be the most accessible and beneficial for users, these are the apps to consider if you go paperless this tax season:

Taxcaster Mobile
Available on Android and iPhone, this app is extremely useful for users that are tired of crunching numbers. In just minutes, Taxcaster gives taxpayers an estimate of how much money they will owe the federal government, or how much they owe you. It is as simple as entering in their income and deductions, and it will do the calculations. Taxcaster is highly recommended if taxpayers are looking for an easy and efficient tool to estimate your potential tax liability.
Whether you use or free apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone, this app allows for users to track expenses and create summary reports without a hassle. Users can also assign categories to their expenses such as health or business. Receipts are typically scanned and converted into searchable, taggable data. In addition to physical copies of receipts, email receipts can be forwarded to a special email address, or business emails can bypass users’ primary inbox and be sent to Lemon. Pricing ranges from a free basic plan, and starting in February, will also offer a family plan for either $9 per month or $50 per year. With a family plan, ten Lemon accounts can be linked.

Droid Apps Cell Phone
Expensify is another useful receipt manager available through iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. It includes ten receipt SmartScans per month. For each additional SmartScan, users pay twenty cents, but users can earn bonus SmartScans by inviting others to join the service. Unlimited receipt uploads and expense imports are also incorporated, as is Evernote syncing. Features such as Freshbooks and QuickBooks are available through paid accounts. Expensify offers users the chance to import their bank account or credit card to follow and organize their finances even more closely.
Currently, only iPhone offers a mobile version of this service, although Doxo works via web browsers, and an Android version is in the making. Doxo works by syncing accounts with insurance providers, banks, and mortgage lenders so taxpayers have the option to store their bill statements, view them for later, and pay bills online. If a provider is not offered on Doxo, users can simply scan their statement or take a picture with their smartphone and upload the image. In addition to storing online bill statements, users can also store passports, warranties, and other essential documents in the cloud.

Available only as an iPhone app, iXpenselt works not only as a place to store receipts as Doxo does, it also tracks your monthly expenses. By doing so, iXpenselt builds graphs to illustrate users’ spending habits. This can be used for a wide variety of purposes, whether it is to manage a monthly budget, or plan ahead for the tax season.

No matter what app taxpayers choose this tax season, they will certainly be happy to find that organizing receipts and managing budgets is simplified with the help of handy apps such as these.

Nora Phillips has worked years in accounting and contributed to Top Accounting Degrees for others interested in turning their love of numbers into a well-paying career.

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