Five Gadgets I Couldn’t Live With Out- And You Shouldn’t Either!

Each year something new comes out, making life easier and easier. It could be said that these days life is too easy, we are all about speed and efficiency, wanting to get things done as fast as possible, and the easiest way. But a lot of us have very busy life styles, meaning we have a great need for any aids that make our lives a little easier.  Here is a list of the top gadgets that I can’t live without-

Since buying these, I find if cooking in a kitchen without them a nightmare- A food processor and a one touch vegetable slicer. Without a food processor how do you make homemade soups and sauces, or ice cream and smoothies? Answer is you can’t really. We are also used to pre-sliced frozen vegetables, because of this I’m sure a lot of people under the age of twenty now could dice an onion or slice a carrot julienne style. There are lots of gadgets out there that slice any vegetable for you. Just pop it in and out it comes perfectly sliced! Both these gadgets take hours out of prep time. Let’s be honest, not many of us have hours spare a day to slice vegetables and make ice cream by hand from scratch.

Five Gadgets I Couldn't Live With Out

It might not seem like anything new, but I can’t live without my heated towel rail. I have a thermostatic radiator valve so I programme it to keep my bathroom constantly at a comfortable temperature. There is nothing better than getting out of the bath on a cold winter morning to a warm dry towel and nothing worse than a wet and cold towel!


I’m pretty health conscious, so I purchased a set of WI-FI scales. I can’t imagine not having them now; they allow me to keep a close eye on my weight without having to get out the calculator etc. Whenever I weigh myself the scales upload the data to an app on my Iphone, this then works out my body mass index and other helpful figures.

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All my life I have misplaced things, they always turn up, but I’m awful for putting something down and when I come to use it again, I have no idea where it has gone. I decided after forever misplacing my many remote controls (which resulted in 6 odd remotes in random places around the house) to invest in a universal remote control. This controls everything in my house- my TV, my stereo, even my lighting. I do still occasionally misplace it, but at least now I only have one remote to find!

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