There are several versions of the Samsung Wave and the Samsung Wave II has now been on the market for some time.  It has the advantage of being one of the most affordable smartphones and is ideal for those who want an easy to use handset.  This version is similar to the previous model and it is a phone that has been given a good overall design.  It fits in well with other phones in the Samsung range and the screen has the advantage of being bigger than on previous models.

Using the Phone
The screen is a touchscreen and the colors and images displayed are bright and have good clarity.  The screen is also good when sending text messages or emails and the phone has the T9-trace typing system installed to make typing a speedy affair.   The operating system is Bada and while this is not one of the most well-known, there are apps which you can add to make it suit your needs.  There are apps for Facebook and other social networking sites as well as a variety of widgets that Samsung has already added in.

The audio player is ideal for those who like to listen to music and there is also an FM radio installed and the 3.5 mm headphone jack is also a bonus.

Samsung Wave II

It is also an issue for some users that the home page cannot be customized as much as you would like.  The changes you make are with the pre-installed widgets rather than new apps.  However, for those who want an entry-level smartphone or for those who simply want a phone for calling, texting and the odd foray onto the internet, this will not matter.

The processor on the phone is 1GHz which is more than enough for the average user.  Add to this the 5-megapixel camera and there is plenty to like about this particular handset.  The photos you can take on this phone come out very well and can be uploaded to a social networking page in a trice.
The camera has the added bonus of being able to shoot video too which is handy for those who want to capture important moments while they are on the move and with the microSD card there is plenty of storage for photos, film, and music.

Memory and Power
The phone has 2GB of internal memory but this can be expanded with the use of a microSD card and there are several ways in which you can connect to the internet including 3G and Wi-Fi.
Battery life is fine for those who do not intend to be on their phone all day long and light users will find that they do not necessarily need to charge the battery every day.

Overall Judgement
While many reviewers have commented on the lack of changes from the previous model, there have been some upgrades.  The main issue is that it cannot really compete with phones using Android operating systems, but it is intended to be an entry-level smartphone and if this is what you are looking for, then you need not look any further!

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