Four Ways That Twitter Can Work For Your Business

Social media has instantly become a way of life for most of us who immerse in cyberspace for lengthy periods of time throughout the day. The micro-blogging platform that Twitter operates on makes it extremely easy for users to communicate with each other in a near real-time manner and also allows business owners to reach a huge audience with just one tweet. If you’re thinking of integrating Twitter into your business’ marketing campaign, then here are some tips which you should follow:

Make your Twitter profile original.
And when we say original, we mean that your Twitter profile should correspond to your business’ personality. Make sure that you fill up all the contact information fields on your Twitter profile so that prospects who you have converted will know exactly how to contact your brick-and-mortar store and include your store hours, too. Of course, don’t forget to add links to your business’ website.

Use a great photo for your profile.
With so many profiles and Twitter users, you need to make your profile distinct from the rest, and what better way to do that than to an eye-catching and unique photo for your profile. You can also use your business’ logo especially when you are starting out so that your prospects can start familiarizing themselves with the symbols and logos which pertain to your business, but make sure to spruce things up to and use other photos together with your logos in rotation.

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Make your tweets interactive.
While it’s always good for you to post tips and advice on your Twitter profile because being helpful online allows your business to earn trust from customers and prospective clients, it’s also important to come up with interactive tweets which will draw in your audience and make them actively communicate with you. This includes soliciting your reader’s advice through Twitter and asking them to weigh in on an issue.

Try connecting with your followers in a personal way.
People always love a good story. That’s exactly the reason why human interest stories are so popular in the internet. But while you couldn’t post long narratives on your Twitter account, you can tweet comments about any local story which have the potential to grab the attention of your local customers. You can also post a snippet of a new article on your website or post on your blog, and then include a link on your tweet to funnel readers to your site or blog.

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