Mobile Phone Etiquette -Treat Others As You Want To Be Treated

One of the advantages to having a mobile phone is that no matter where you are you can talk to others. Unfortunately this has a side effect. If you are on a crowded train or bus and are shouting loudly into your mobile phone, then the stern facial expression of the person standing next to you could simply be masking their desire to grab your phone and stamp on it! Not everyone needs to hear your conversation and if the person at the other end cannot hear you then you should simply call them back at another time. Obviously there are occasions when a loud conversation may be necessary but as an increasing number of people are doing this then it would seem that it is just a habit we are falling into.

Talking Loudly
Ask yourself if the call is urgent. If the answer is no then the call can be made at another time. Wait until you are off the bus or train, find a quiet spot and then make or take the call. This way nobody needs to shout. The same applies if the call is a personal one. Nobody wants to listen to one side of an argument – both sides are much more interesting! – and if it is a personal matter then you should think twice about broadcasting it to all and sundry anyway.

Mobile Phone Etiquette
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Never Switching Off
How many of you have been sitting in the cinema or theater and somebody’s phone has rung or beeped with a text message? We have all been there and it is fairly safe to say that this is one of the most annoying aspects of mobile phones. Everyone has come to rely on their handsets but do you really need to leave it switched on when you go to see a film. The answer is no. Switch it off when you go in and not only will you not be disturbed, neither will the people around you who have also paid good money to see the film and who will not be happy about it.


If you are in a meeting, switch off the phone. If you are with friends, switch off the phone. There are some things that are going to be more important than that call and you will benefit so much more in the long term. It is knowing when to use the phone that is the important factor here.

Do We Use Our Phones too Much?
We have come to rely on our mobile phones to keep us in touch with friends, family and colleagues. But do we use them too much? There is definitely an argument for this but this is the way that the culture around them has evolved. Manufacturers are determined to offer more and more on their handsets so that we begin to rely less on other gadgets such as MP3 players and laptops. The way that mobile phones have developed is a good thing, but they still do not need to be permanently glued to our ears, ensuring that our whole lives are being played out for all to hear about.

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