Is There a Good Windows Phone? The HTC Windows 8X vs. The Samsung Galaxy S II

HTC Windows 8X vs. The Samsung Galaxy S II 
Based on a choice of an Android phone versus a Windows phone, most people would probably go for the Android. After all, Android is one of the most popular phone operating systems in the world, renowned for being sleek, easy to use and reliable. Windows, on the other hand, is renowned only for being clunky and hard to use. But every now and again there comes a Windows phone that’s actually worth buying, and that can hold its own against an Android. The HTC Windows 8X is such a phone. We’re not necessarily saying its better, but it’s definitely a worthy competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy S II Android phone. We put the two to the test in a direct comparison to see where their differences lie, and to find out who comes out on top in the end…

Where the HTC Windows 8X Excels…
Alright, there are some great things about the 8X. Firstly, it’s fast. It runs a 1500 MHz processor as compared to the Samsung’s 1200 MHz, making it more powerful, snappier and more responsive. It also has faster maximum data speeds, by a factor of three. That means quicker downloading and faster opening of web pages for you. And then there’s the screen. The 8X’s display is around two and a half times higher resolution and has around sixty per cent more PPI (pixels per inch) than the Galaxy’s. The result of this is that the display is noticeably brighter, clearer and better defined. Given that speed and a good screen are two of the main things we look for in a phone, the Windows 8X is holding up to inspection pretty well.

HTC Windows 8X vs. The Samsung Galaxy S II

Where the Samsung Galaxy S II Excels…
Okay, the Samsung is an Android phone, which means two things. First, you’re connected to the Android App Market, so downloading and installing new programs and games on your phone is both convenient and easy. Second, you can run multiple applications at the same time, browsing the web and talking on Skype simultaneously, for example. A Windows phone simply can’t do this. Another thing that we like is that the Samsung is thinner, lighter and generally smaller than the 8X. Considering that the phones have the same size screen, this is an important consideration, and it does make the Samsung look a little sleeker and cooler than the 8X.


And the Winner Is…
This really is a difficult choice. It’s rare to find a Windows phone that truly stands up to the test of not only an Android phone, but a Samsung Android phone. If you have a clear operating system preference, then the choice is made for you. If you’re not sure, however, it’s really worth considering both these phones. The Windows phone is frankly faster and does have a better display, which are important factors in choosing a phone. But the Android’s ability to run multiple applications is not to be underestimated. In the end, we declare the Samsung the winner. We don’t think that the benefits of the 8X are quite big enough to make up for the ease of use of Android’s operating system. But it’s really a close run race.

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