Motorola RAZR I
Motorola RAZR I 
Motorola has several versions of its RAZR handset and the RAZR i has plenty of great features.  Users will love the longer lasting battery and the good quality camera although there are some things that the reviewers are not too fond of.   The ‘i’ in the handset’s name comes from the Intel processor and ensures that it stands out among the other handsets on the market.  The processor is 2GHz single-core processor and there are other features which Intel has had input into.
The design of the phone has not really met with the approval of some reviewers as it comes across as being a very masculine phone. It is thicker than some of the other RAZR models and the Kevlar back does not exactly give it a smooth finish.However, the way a phone looks is not the most important aspect for many users and those who can overlook the masculine feel will find plenty to smile about.The handset will withstand a great deal of wear and tear as it has been given a tough nano-coating and additional protection against the weather and dust. The screen measures 4.3 inches and uses AMOLED technology.   The quality of the display has attracted a great deal of attention and colours are sharp as is text when viewed on the screen.

Using the Phone
Using the handset is easy thanks to the very fast user interface.  Swiping from one app to another is easy and the speed of the handset is noticeable and comment-worthy.  The homescreen can be personalised and you can add pages as you need.  There are several pre-loaded apps that can help and as the handset is an Android phone you can download hundreds of other apps if you want to.  The Android version is Ice Cream Sandwich – widely considered to be one of the best and giving the user plenty to work with.

Add to all this the 8 megapixel camera and you should be very happy with this handset.  The camera has a physical button, which can be lacking on some other smartphones and the speed of image capture will not leave you disappointed at all.   The quality of the image that you can take with this handset is good and you will be able to upload directly to Twitter and other social networking sites.

Memory and Power
The handset has 8 GB of storage (less than most smartphones) but you have the option to expand this with the help of a microSD card so you can take this up to around 40GB in total, ideal if you want to store a lot of photos or music.

Use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G or NFC to connect to the internet and there are other connectivity options if you prefer. Battery life is perfect for light to moderate users – around 2 days – although heavy users will still get a full day from it.

The Motorola RAZR i is a great handset for those who are looking to upgrade although the handset cost is one of the features that could do with improvement.  It is not a cheap handset, although you certainly do get plenty for your money.

Phil Turner has been trying to decide for a year now which mobile he would like to replace his ancient flip-phone.