Phone Screen Technologies Explained

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Phone Screen Technologies Explained
Mobile phones have progressed phenomenally since the days when their display only showed the number of the person calling you. Once the facilities of text messaging and email were added, people required some more space to see what they wrote. With the introduction of the camera to mobile phones, screens also needed to be sharper. Now with the introduction of touch screens to our mobile phones, screens need to be as good as the ones found on a computer, offering great text, blur free video, vibrant images and good brightness to see outdoors. So a natural question may arise in one’s mind as to which mobile phone has the best screen.

While buying a mobile phone you should keep some useful points in mind if you want to buy one with the best quality of screen.

Phone Screen Technologies
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First make sure that the mobile phone has a screen with good clarity. Check out whether it has a good video and camera quality. When it comes to screen type, there are basically seven types of screens:

  • TFT
  • LCD
  • LED

TFT is low, LCD is average, TFT-LCD is above average and LED high. AMOLED, SUPER AMOLED and HD SUPER AMOLED are higher, highest and ultra-highest.
You can also opt for a mobile phone based on the availability of colours ranging from 256 K to 16 million. More colours mean more clarity.

Choosing Your Screen
The most common kind of screen used in mobile phones is TFT-LCD. This is commonly found in budget smartphones like HTC Desire C, Nokia X3 and others. These mobiles have high quality LCD screens with bright, visible colours from any angle.

If you are looking for a sharper, clearer images then you should go for mobiles with SUPER AMOLED Plus screens which have just that. An important change here is in its sub pixel construction. The Samsung Galaxy S2 uses this technology. If you need a high definition kind of display it would best to opt for Samsung Galaxy Note or Samsung Galaxy S3. (Apple has come up with what it calls a retina display screen that has similar resolution to the Super AMOLED screen and uses similar technology.

If you are looking for a mobile phone which has sharp images and videos with less noise then you should opt for Sony Xperia S, which uses the MOBILE BRAVIA engine screen. This type of technology improves the contrast and creates more natural colors.

For people who want a mobile phone whose screen has more brightness and is energy efficient, the Optimus Black is the best option. It uses LCD-delivered NOVA screen technology.

You Get What You Pay For
Plan your budget beforehand. Spending big bucks may not help you to get the type of mobile phone you are looking for. A mobile phone with a good touch screen quality has a large screen, high resolution and long battery life. If you are looking for such a mobile phone with the perfect touch screen, then opt for one which easily fits into your pocket or wallet. A bigger screen will give you a better multimedia experience too.

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