Why Cloud-Based SMTP Email Servers?

Reliable email communication is important for most people, but particularly so for businesses. A missed email can result in a missed sale, an annoyed customer or colleague, or even a disastrous communication problem that snowballs. SMTP email servers that slow or stop completely cause even more problems — many of which can be eliminated using cloud servers to handle email communication.

Time, Money and Resources

It may seem to make more sense to host business email servers in-house, or using a traditional host, but this may not be the case. A good cloud-based SMTP email host takes care of all the big and little things associated with email servers, keeping on top of whitelists and blacklists, integrating with ISPs, scaling infrastructure and analytics, freeing up business resources for other things. Because this can save a good amount of money, moving to the cloud can be invaluable to all businesses, but to small businesses in particular.

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Reliable Delivery

The excuse of “I didn’t get your email” does not reflect well on a business, particularly when it’s given to an irate customer or vendor. It’s likely they won’t want to hear that about 20% of emails don’t reach their destination, particularly when theirs is in that percentage. It’s imperative, when choosing an email server, to find one that not only offers guaranteed delivery, but tells you how they are going to live up to that. Do they do ISP monitering? Keep a watch on things like whitelabeling and feedback loops? They should do all this, plus offer unique IP addresses, so that you maintain a level of control.


Reputation Management

One of the biggest advantages for businesses in having a reliable, fully-serviced cloud-based SMTP email server is reputation management. Many regular ISP email addresses are subject to being used for spamming purposes, often without the email owners knowledge. The spammer spoofs the address of a reputable business and with the click of a button, sets about ruining that reputation. Email servers that are focused on the needs of business have monitoring policies and practices in place to prevent spoofing, or to catch it before it grows. All of which aids in protecting the names and reputations of businesses.

Scalable Infrastructure

Some businesses rely heavily on email, both incoming and outgoing, but sending out a hundred emails is far different from sending out a million. Large batches of emails can slow down a regular server, but cloud-based email servers simply adjust automatically, relieving some of the pressure on the business to moderate how many pieces of mail they send. Another important factor is the allowance for room for the business to grow, without worrying about costs increasing with every increment.

Companies, no matter their size, that are seeking reliable SMTP email servers should look into cloud-based servers and their advantages. With the convenience of using an API to integrate into the system, as some companies offer, there is no long, arduous process to get through, and the rewards of having a solid email delivery system are great.

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