Buying a simple, user friendly mobile phone has always been a difficult task. Most of the mobile phones available on the market today offer users not just internet access, but also the ability to do all sorts of things like trade in the stock market, download and listen to music and watch videos.  Mobile phones are no longer meant just to send and receive calls. While some middle aged and elderly people will enjoy using added features, others in the same age group would love to use a phone which is simple and uncomplicated. Reducing the number of features can make mobile phones far more user-friendly.

Size Matters
Smaller mobiles are not always easy to handle. Its small size increases the risk of it falling from an arthritis patient’s hands. A larger mobile with a big, bright screen and large print can easily display the numbers to an aged user. An emergency flashlight is also a necessity. A number of companies have come up with mobile phones which are easy to use among people of all age groups. They have created mobiles which have big, bright screens and large buttons and a 24/7 live operator and as a result have gained popularity among a sizable section of users in the pensioner and disabled groups.

iPhone 5
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Simple to Use
Smart phones unlike other mobiles come with advanced operating systems, comparatively bigger displays and QWERTY keyboards. If you are looking for a user friendly smart phone then you should keep some things in mind to buy the best one. Some smart phones have come up with simple, easy to use navigation features which elderly people would love to use. The iPhone 4 is known for its applications and great customer services. This mobile phone has just one button, the home button while all other functions are carried out through a touch screen.  Application icons in these smartphones are color coded and arranged to help users with identification.

Features You Need
A lightweight model is best suited for people with muscle problems. The Palm Pre Plus is a great option for people looking for a lightweight smart phone. Weighing just under 5 ounces, it comes with a dependable keyboard, good speaker system and a camera. Bluetooth functionality on these phones will help you to share data with others over short distances. It will also enable you to have a conversation through the stereo system while driving.

Smart phones with large LCD screens can help people with eyesight problems to read text messages easily. The HTC Touch HD screen measuring 3.8 inches diagonally is the best. Make sure that the phone you buy has easy to use buttons. A good smart phone QWERTY keyboard will have buttons which are big and strong enough to see and press respectively. The Blackberry Bold 9700 comes with a 35-key QWERTY keyboard and its buttons are easy to identify and activate.

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