There are upgrades that are worth making. Switching an old Nokia for a new iPhone is going to give you a whole new phone using experience, with enhanced functionality and a significantly better phone to boot.

One thing that is quite annoying about mobile phone manufacturers is that they tend to release an awful lot of unnecessary upgrades. This is, of course, how they make their money, by trying to convince us that we need to latest model, and should spend our cash on getting a phone that’s cooler than the one we currently have.

However, this does mean that not every upgrade is worth making. Take the LG Optimus series as an example. The Optimus L9 is an upgrade to the L7. However, both phones are 3.5G devices, and both phones run the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. They do look a little different, but does that make it worth the price of an upgrade? Read on to find out if you should upgrade your L7 to an L9.

LG Optimus L7 vs. the L9

What the L9 Can Do Better…
Okay, you can’t base an upgrade on nothing, so there are some enhanced features on the L9. Firstly, it comes with double the RAM of the L7 model (1 MB versus 0.5MB). This means that the L9 is more responsive, and is better equipped to handle running multiple processes at the same time, which is good. The difference is slightly noticeable, particularly when you have a lot of programmes running simultaneously.

The other significant difference lies in the screen. The L9 has a slightly larger screen, at 4.7 inches compared to the 4.3 inch screen on the L7. The screen is also much higher resolution, by around forty per cent, and has around ten per cent more PPI (pixels per inch), making the picture quality on the L9 clearer, brighter and better defined.
But that’s really pretty much it, the L9 doesn’t perform that much better on any other tests than the L7 does.

What the L7 Has…
There are two things that we like about the older L7 model. Firstly, it’s a tad smaller. Only around ten per cent, and the L9 does have a bigger screen we realise, but still, the smaller the better in our opinion.

And secondly, there’s that keyboard. The L9 comes with a physical keyboard that’s crammed in under it’s screen. We do respect the fact that the LG didn’t sacrifice any screen space to get a keyboard in (as Blackberry tends to do), and in fact the L9 has a bigger screen than the L7. But we simply don’t like it. The L9 looks like the older model, simply because it has a physical keyboard. The L7 on the other hand looks as we expect a modern smart phone to look.

So, Do I Upgrade?
We wouldn’t recommend it. There just isn’t enough difference between the L9 and the L7 to make an upgrade worthwhile. It does have a much better screen, but it’s still not worth the money. Plus, we hate that the L9 looks more old fashioned than the L7. We don’t expect an upgrade to actually look worse than our current phone. Don’t upgrade, save your money for the next model…

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