Switching Mobile Network Providers

Switching Mobile Network Providers 
The mobile phone industry is developing at a rapid pace these days. Every mobile network provider offers beneficial deals to attract new customers. In the UK market, the big companies have almost reached saturation point and they are struggling hard to find new customers. Because of this they are offering better deals to keep their old customers happy and are providing similar great deals to attract in brand new customers.

They are also offering such deals to entice the users of their rival companies. It is definitely good for consumers as they have more options to choose from and therefore will be able to find a deal to better suit their own specific requirements.

When Do You Switch?
Switching your mobile network providers frequently might not be a good option, but when you do it at the right moment, usually at the end of a contract, it comes with lots of benefits. You can get extra minutes and extra text messages as a gift from your new service provider for taking out a contract.


Companies offer the latest handsets to their new customers at a subsidised rate. As the market is becoming more competitive every day, you can find great deals that can save you a good amount of money. All you need to do is a little bit of research on one of the many mobile phone review and comparison websites so that you can find out the best deal for you.

Switching Mobile Network Providers

Information You Need
You must keep a few things in mind before making the final decision to change your mobile phone network provider. You need to be aware of your usage; factors like on which network you make most calls as having a different network provider to your friends can be costly in call charges.
Are you a peak time user as each network offers different deals depending on the time of day the calls are made?

Do you need a new handset?
There are different kinds of deals offered by all the mobile network providers. Some offer phone deals that are based on the call minutes, some offer a contract deal with a top of the range handset and sometimes the deal can be based on text messaging. This is why you should be aware of your primary needs regarding mobile phone usage.

When NOT to Switch Providers
Most network providers will not allow you to switch networks during the contract period, and if they do there will likely be heavy penalties involved. As contracts usually involve discounted handsets, the networks rely on the payments throughout the length of the contract to recoup their outlay. Ending the contract early can see a loss in profits.

Most networks will therefore ask the customer to pay out the remaining months of their contract in order to allow the contract to be closed. For example, if there are 8 months left on the contract, and the line rental is £25.00 per month then the network will bill you for £25.00 x 8 months for a total of £200.00.

If you think you may need to get out of a contract early, such as an impending relocation abroad for example, you should consider a shorter 12 month contract rather than an 18 month or 2 year deal.

Phil Turner thinks pay monthly phones are the best way to own a top of the range phone, especially if the contract is one with plenty of included data and call minutes.

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