The Best HDTV
Computer and console buffs the World over often have a heated discussion about what the best HDTV for gaming is.  With prices on HDTV LCD and LED TVs constantly falling it’s now very easy to make an informed and educated choice – and then pick an affordable option.  What follows are some quick guidelines that should help you to make your own mind up about what the best HDTV for gaming is – with the new year sales still on there’s never been a better time to pick up a bargain.

Number 1 – Panasonic Viera TC-L42D30 (Black or White)
The Panasonic is an awesome HDTV for gaming and comes highly rated on both specialist gaming websites as well as on the Amazon customer reviews.  It’s a 42 inch beast of a LED TV and is also extremely slim.  With the black gloss finish it both looks cool and renders games extremely well.  This HDTV would best suit a gamer who plays fast action paced games as the Motion Picture Pro 4 functionality can cope with very high frame rate refreshes.  If you like the Call of Duty series of games then the Panasonic Viera could be an ideal solution due to the time of game play.

The Best HDTV

Number 2 – Sony Bravia EX700 (Black and Grey)
Sony are a top brand, and you might want to match your Sony Playstation PS3 up with their flagship HDTV model when playing computer games.  It’s LCD with LED backlighting and is widescreen to give a cinematic experience to the best games on the market.  The manufacturer has tested this model in both darkened rooms and under artificial light with superb results both times.  For kids who like to stay up late without their parent’s knowing then this TV is a great choice as you can play in the dark with the lights off to reduce the chance of being discovered!

Number 3 – TCL L40FHD11TA LCD (Black)
If you’re on a smaller budget then you can’t go far wrong with the TCL 40-inch 1080p LCD HDTV for gaming.  The price is cheap, but the TV is most definitely cheerful and should satisfy most gamers’ needs or a widescreen television suitable for consoles.  It also includes a free two warranty so if you are wary about choosing a budget brand this should give you some confidence to go ahead with your purchase.

Conclusion: Try to Find a Bargain
So that’s just three of the best HDTV gaming TVs for 2013.  The next year will see even more models hitting the market, and the prices are bound to fall even further.  Whichever TV you choose make sure you do have a guarantee from the retailer that you purchase from and it’s sometimes very advisable that you pay the extra to extend any included warranties out to a longer term.  If you are going to buy online then make sure you check some of the voucher code websites like Coupon Chili that often have great discounts available for the online digital retailers that stock HDTVs.

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