Online auction stores including local shopping centers are being overcrowded by shoppers looking for smart-phones with apps. What most people don’t know is the price tags of available apps for the iPad3 . No doubt, apple’s ipads with apps are pricier. In case you doubt, just compare ipad apps with available iphone equivalents. The best Ipad apps are of different prices. It is very rare to find the most excellent apps for the iPad 3 that are free.

There are numerous incredible apps specifically designed to run on your ipad 3. These apps are essential in transforming the tablet to ensure the users enjoy its digital life. Unfortunately, most people find it challenging to choose the top 3 must have apps for the ipad 3 because of a wide variety available. The question that remains in our minds is; which type of app should a user of iPad 3 download? After comprehensively reading this article, you’ll not worry anymore. After conducting all-inclusive research and reading customers reviews about ipad apps for ipad 3, I have found the top 3 must have apps for the ipad 3. You can download them if they are of great interest to you.

iPad 3 apps

Almost everyone uses Skype. It doesn’t matter whether you are a fanatic fan or potential user of ipad 3- you can create a Skype account free of charge. This app is specifically designed for ipad 3 and therefore the users can keep in touch with family members, relatives and acquaintances and other associates of Skype anywhere and anytime.  You can make audio including video calls. There is also a text chat over 3G. The Skype can be downloaded free of charge online.

USA Today
Do you want to be frequently updated about the current news? If so, USA Today is the app to opt for. You can easily download it in an online app store. In addition to getting free daily news, you can also improve your thinking abilities by the daily crossword puzzle. Moreover, the news is more visual due to the availability of CCN’s ipad app; you can get all the news across the globe.

Are you looking for a restaurant located in a convenient location? Yelp helps you to find some of the most romantic restaurants in town. The app makes it easy to identify a restaurant, hotel or spa offering excellent accommodation facilities including services. You’ll be able to browse through customers’ testimonials and reviews about the restaurant. In addition, you are given exclusive guide on selecting the best restaurant. With a Yahoo’s Sketch-A-Search, it is possible to identify various restaurants in a specific region.

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