The Five Factors That Increase Video Production Cost

Stop me if you heard this before, but viewing video content on the internet is very popular today.
It could be either commercial advertising or original programming, but some form of a video is shown on practically every website available. Companies and corporations are taking away more dollars from their print media budget to create more videos to be shown. But, as everything else in the world, the cost of video production has escalated over time.

Well, there are plenty of reasons, and we’ll look at the top five factors that increase video production cost.

The Demand for Video
If your audience is demanding more videos, then better quality production is expected as well. We all are witnesses to the digital age going from a crazy idea to reality, and the viewer has become a sophisticated user as well. In turn, video production houses have increased their rates to help absorb the cost of replacing old, outdated equipment with better, more quality replacements.


Larger Video Production Budgets
Smart video production houses are demanding larger budgets for expanding orders from their customers. In years past, companies have requested only one 30-sec. and one 60-sec. commercial, but now, they’re adding an extensive photo library and a series of web videos that will be launch all throughout the year to their order. Additions to the video production staff must occur to help build and edit the videos requested.

The Quality of the Video
The thought of creating a video to simply gain attention to your website is a complete waste of time and money. Obviously, everyone’s goal with launching an innovative video is to hopefully gain some movement for your business. But to accomplish this goal, a company must create a video that has quality lighting, sound and storyline or the project will be a disaster. The video cost will escalate, especially when an experience script writer is hired to develop a storyline for the video. They will provide endless scripts and storyboards until a concept has been agreed upon.

The Video Editing Process
The biggest cost in a video production budget is the tedious process of editing the video, and it does pay to hire an experience video editor who has a reputation of creating excellent work. Video editors are usually the highest-paid employee, as they have the most important job in the entire project. Video editors fully understand that they have many moving parts, as it’s endless hours of intersecting video, graphics and animation and turning into a finish product.

Video Equipment Cost
Another headache in video production cost is using high-quality camera equipment. You don’t have to be an experienced video editor to recognize a quality video. Some in the business will admit that they cannot keep up-to-date with all of the technological changes available. The different features and capabilities for a camera is changing daily, and staffing has become difficult if camera-person is unfamiliar with the new equipment.

Peter Wendt is a video producer residing in the great state of Texas.  He has been in the field for many years and has an extensive knowledge of the industry.  He has worked with many producers but recommends going to the best video production marketing company in Austin Texas for the best videos.

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