The Life Cycle of an Online Marketing Plan


The Life Cycle of an Online Marketing Plan

Is your online marketing plan a good match for where your company is at the current moment?

Far too often, we meet with business owners and executives who have strategies devised to get them more clients and customers, but have never given much thought to the life cycle of an online marketing plan… or even know that there is such a thing.
To give you a better sense of what we are talking about, consider these three common stages of Internet marketing:

Online Marketing Plan

  • In the beginning you need a web design, Internet traffic, more sales, and a lot more (but on a budget) – Typically, new websites (and online marketing plans) require a lot of upfront work on a tight budget. The job at hand is to establish a web presence and start attracting potential customers from the first day. It’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to make sure all of these elements are perfect. Keep in mind, though, it’s more important to establish a good foundation and perfect it as your marketing campaign develops.
  • Later, gaining conversions and maximizing opportunities becomes important – As your search engine rankings start to improve, your e-mail list starts growing, and you develop a viable web business, gaining a higher percentage of visitors takes on a new importance. At a certain point, increasing conversion ratios is more profitable than attracting new visitors, but businesses in this stage are usually trying to do both.
  • Eventually, holding off competitors and finding new revenue streams is just as important as growth – It can take years to establish a top spot in the market, but once you do, holding on to it – and holding off competitors – becomes a challenge. Also, businesses start finding new ways to leverage a successful website into fresh products, services, and other sources of revenue.

Most business leaders will find themselves in one of these groups, or possibly right between two of them. Regardless of which stage you’re in, however, it’s important to align your Internet marketing plan and activities with the targets that are most relevant to you right now. Otherwise, you could find that you’re wasting some of your time and budget.
If you think you could use some new direction with your online marketing plan, why not call or e-mail a member of our team today to get the conversation started?

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