Photon Q vs. The HTC One X 
There comes a time when all old technology has to die, and it’s about time that the physical keyboard phone went the same way as the cassette player.

With the advent of newer and better touch screen technology, there’s really no excuse to be using a physical keyboard phone any more. The truth is, that ninety nine per cent of the time the same amount of money that you pay for a keyboard phone will get you a far, far better model of touch screen phone. As an example, we pitted the Motorola Photon Q (with keyboard) against the HTC One X (without keyboard) to see how they compared. It’s pretty easy to see how your money should be spent…

Why the HTC One X Rocks…
Firstly, the HTC comes with a whopping four times more internal storage space. The HTC has 32 GB of memory, compared to the Photon’s 8 GB. That means you can get four times more music, photos and data onto your device. And that’s a lot of songs.

Secondly, the screen is simple better. The HTC has a larger screen than the Photon (4.7 inches versus 4.3 inches). Not only that, but the screen is both higher resolution (by a massive eighty per cent) and has twenty per cent more PPI (pixels per inch), making the picture quality on the HTC brighter, clearer and better defined.

Photon Q vs. The HTC One X

Understandably, the HTC is a thinner hand set. It doesn’t need to hide a keyboard under its screen, so it’s about forty per cent thinner than the Photon. And for the same reasons, it’s also lighter, coming in at 130 g versus the Photon’s 170 g.

Plus, the battery is a lot better on the HTC. You get around eighty per cent more stand by time, and thirty per cent more talk time per battery charge cycle on the HTC, meaning you need to charge your phone far less often.

The Pluses of the Photon Q…
We looked hard, we truly did. And we found nothing. Combing through the specs of both phones, the only difference that we could come up with is that the Photon Q has a physical keyboard. Nowhere else does the Motorola come out better than the HTC One X; which should tell you something…

The Keyboard Has to Go…
Given that these two devices retail at similar price points (depending on your mobile service provider), there really is no reason at all to buy the Photon Q. The HTC One X is a far better model of mobile phone, and buying the Photon Q simply because it has a keyboard is ridiculous. Touch screen technology is now excellent, and there really is no reason at all that you would need a physical keyboard. It’s time to make the switch. You get better value for money and just a better phone if you go for the touch screen. Buy the HTC One X, you won’t regret it.

Phil Turner loves his old Orange phone. He can’t use it in Ireland though because the roaming charges are silly.

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