Any missionary knows that being in a foreign country can test navigation, language and cultural skills. They usually spend a lot of time in foreign cultures and, unless they are traveling with a global smart phone with a great international data plan, Internet access becomes a lifeline to all things communications.

Thankfully, the use of modern websites, web-based applications and smart phone applications now play an important role in the success of any missionary abroad. From finding wi-fi hotspots to navigating streets to translation, there are a number of sites and apps that can make travel much easier.

1. Free Wi-Fi Finder App
Why? Easy to Use; No Internet Needed; International; Free
Quite simply, the Internet makes smart phone apps… smart. And in this Internet age businesses and cities have set up wi-fi hotspots around the world. You just need to know where to find them. The Free Wi-Fi Finder app for smart phones works in 100 countries and shows travelers where they can go to find Internet connections. The best part of the app is that it doesn’t need Internet access to work. This app is a must-have for any traveler and, like its name, it’s free to download.

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2. Google Maps
Why? Multifunctional; Dependable; Free
Navigation is vital when a missionary is traveling abroad. Even if you have a personal chauffeur, knowing where you are is important if you want to walk around or find a free wi-fi spot. That’s where Google Maps comes in handy. It is the web’s most-used mapping website and smart phone app. With a live data connection, the smart phone app can guide a missionary to a meeting location, place of worship, or back to their lodging. The website and app can also help travelers find eating establishments.

3. Skype
Why? Dependable Online Video, Phone and Text Messaging; Free App
Skype’s computer software and smart phone companion make long distance and, now, short distance communication easy. Skype works from any country and can be used for free video or voice chatting with other Skype users. You can add money to your Skype account and send text messages or call phones when you have a wi-fi connection. This means that a missionary can use Skype from any wi-fi hotspot just like it was their regular phone service. The one drawback to all voice calling apps is that they need a consistent Internet connection. But if you’re sitting in a hotspot, Skype cannot be beat.

4. Google Translate
Why? Multilingual; Easy to Use; Voice Recognition; Free
Every traveling missionary must consider the wisdom of carrying the weight of multiple language translation books. The Google Translate website allows travelers to translate English into 65 other languages. The free smart phone app offers the same capability, including the ability to speak into the built-in microphone, have the app translate your voice, and then press a button for it to speak the translation. The one catch of most translation apps is that they require a network connection of some kind. So it is best to type in or speak your phrases when you have Internet access.

5. Converter Plus App
Why? Multifunctional; Easy to Use; Updated Currency Rates; Free
There are many currencies in this world and each country deals with distance, volume and weight in its own way. The Converter Plus app is free and easy to use, and it calculates currency, length, temperature, volume, weight, and several other units. When connected to the Internet, the app updates itself regularly to give the most accurate currency exchange rates, which is helpful when you are budgeting for your trip or moving between countries.

Larry Smith is a youth pastor and guest author at Christian Degrees, where he contributed to the guide to the Top 5 Online Christian Colleges.

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