Top 5 iPhone Apps For Special Ed Teachers

Educational technology is critical to the field of special education because different learning aids are necessary to address various learning hurdles. Interactive and visual tools are instrumental in bridging the distance between comprehension and special education students. Fortunately, mobile and tablet technology is rapidly growing, and special education professionals are designing apps that are tailored toward students with learning disabilities. Luckily, with the convenience of iPhone apps, learning doesn’t have to begin and end in the classroom; at home, students can strengthen their learning capabilities through easily accessible mobile technology. The following iPhone apps are top choices because they address communication issues, student progress, reading and organization.

Top 5 iPhone Apps

Special education is an extremely involved process and requires an attention to detail, goals, scheduling, learning tools and organization. This particular iPhone app is great to have at one’s disposal because it keeps track of student progress; it keeps track of the work accomplished, educational goals, subject understanding and behavior. Furthermore, “Percentally” can turn the data into simple visual spreadsheets to help chart progress; data visuals can be shared with parents, so they can better understand their child’s learning progress.

iReward Chart
This app is a great tool that teachers can use to inspire and challenge special education students. Children with learning disabilities are bright but struggle with paying attention and staying focused. Therefore, this app is helpful for keeping students on track and their eye on the prize. For every task completed, a student receives a reward, and with every reward earned, a student can feel that motivation to move forward toward success.


Speech, language and conversational issues are common problems associated with special education students. In order to help students get over those hurdles, teachers can utilize the features of the “Proloquo2Go” app. Many special education students are visual learners, so the app has an extensive library of images and symbols to help with communication difficulties. This app is designed around language development research and garners the approval of professionals in the field.

abc PocketPhonics
This app is a good resource for teachers dealing with young learners that struggle with reading comprehension. Rather than focusing on just one aspect of reading comprehension, the app involves lessons in handwriting, letter sounds and those first words that students need to know. The app allows students to understand the visual and audible relationships of letters and words. This program is a great tool for teachers to tackle learning problems in young children to ensure a smooth transition toward the next grade level.

“Chicktionary” is a word game app that teachers can use to help their students understand definitions and strengthen vocabulary skills. Games inspire motivation to press forward and learn more because of the reward system that’s associated with game play. This particular app is appropriate for all young learners because it turns vocabulary into a fun, challenging experience. For tasks and lessons completed, students earn extra points and have the option of playing more games that involve finding hidden eggs and winning prizes.

Clancy Morgan is a special ed teacher and guest author at, where she contributed to the guide to the Best Online Masters in Special Ed.

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