Bringing Out The Big Guns – The IPhone 5 Vs. The Sony Xperia Z

IPhone 5 Vs. The Sony Xperia Z
Buying a top of the line cell phone is a huge investment that could cost you hundreds of pounds. When you’re dropping that much money on a device, you want to be sure that what you’re getting is really the best. Just because a phone is a new model doesn’t necessarily mean that it has all the features you may associate with a top of the line device. And expensive doesn’t always mean good. However, if you’re willing to shell out a little more and buy a top brand phone, then you do have a fair few options.

But which of these options is best? Today we’re looking at Apple’s iPhone 5, a best-selling product with a great reputation, and Sony’s brand new Xperia Z. We put them to the test, head to head to find out exactly how they compare and what their differences are. If you want to know which of these two phones is the better buy, then keep reading to find out our recommendation.

The Advantages of the Sony Xperia Z…
The Xperia Z is a pretty awesome phone. It is the faster device, coming with a 1500 MHz processor, rather than the 1300 MHz processor on the iPhone, making it more powerful and snappier. The Xperia also runs double the RAM of the iPhone (2048 MB versus 1024 MB), so it’s more responsive and better able to handle multi-tasking or running more than one process at a time. The screen is larger, measuring in at a huge five inches, as compared to the iPhone’s four inches. It also has three times higher resolution and around forty per cent more PPI (pixels per inch).

IPhone 5 Vs. The Sony Xperia Z
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On top of that, it’s a TFT LCD screen rather than the older LCD screen on the iPhone. All of these features combined means that the Xperia has a display that’s noticeably brighter, better defined and has better colour reproduction than that of the iPhone. The built in camera is also higher resolution, being a massive 13 MP, as opposed to the standard 8 MP cam on the iPhone. The result of this is that photos taken with the Xperia are better quality and have more fine detail than those taken with the Apple device. Finally, the battery life on the Xperia is outstanding. You get twenty three days of stand by time (versus nine and a half on the iPhone) and eleven hours of talk time (versus eight hours) per battery charge cycle. That means that you charge your phone an awful lot less often. A stunning package.

The Advantages of the iPhone 5…
The iPhone doesn’t actually have much to compare to the Xperia. Depending on the model you buy, it may have more storage, the Xperia has 16 GB of memory, the iPhone comes with up to 64 GB (at a very high cost), so you can store more music and photos. It’s also lighter and smaller than the Xperia, but it does have a much smaller screen.

The Better Buy…
The Sony Xperia Z is definitely the better phone for your money. You just get so many more features, including a faster, more powerful device with far better screen quality. Our recommendation goes to the Xperia.

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