Samsung Tocco V HTC ChaCha
Those on the lookout for a basic mobile phone with some smartphone features will find it hard to know where to start but all the major manufacturers have at least one handset that falls into this category. The Samsung Tocco and the HTC ChaCha both fall into this category and both are ideal for those who are new to smartphone usage. These handsets have received similar reviews and ratings from professional reviewers and users alike.

Operating Systems
The Samsung Tocco makes use of Samsung’s own operating system which is perfectly adequate for most users but the HTC ChaCha has been given an Android operating system and thanks to the popularity of Android this does perhaps give it an edge.

The battery life on the Samsung Tocco gives standby time of up to 250 hours with a talk time of 3 hours. This is well and truly beaten by the HTC ChaCha which has a standby time of up to 430 hours and talk time of more than 7 hours.

Samsung Tocco V HTC ChaCha
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Samsung have given their handset an internal memory of 223 MB but there is a slot for a microSD card so that this can be expanded. Internal memory on the HTC handset is higher at 512MB but this has also been given a memory card slot for expansion. As both handsets have low memory anyone wanting to save music and photos will need to opt for the memory card anyway so there is little to choose between them on this point.

The camera on the Samsung has 5 megapixels and an in-built flash as well as video recording functions. This is matched by the camera and related features on the HTC handset, so again, there is very little to divide the two handsets on this point.

Internet Use
Connections on the Samsung come in the form of 3G and Bluetooth although there is no Wi-Fi. However, Wi-Fi has been added to the HTC handset as well as the other options, so users who want to be sure of a good connection wherever they are might want to consider the HTC over the Samsung.

The HTC ChaCha has been given a QWERTY keyboard which is also a plus point although this depends on what you want to use the phone for. Those who want it more for email functions than for surfing the net will find this a bonus. Both phones can be used for getting online although the HTC handset has a smaller screen due to the keyboard.

Decision Time
As the HTC handset edges ahead of the Samsung on a couple of points some users might want to go for these features and make the most of it, although the Samsung has very little wrong with it for a basic handset. The Samsung handset has the look of a smartphone in that it is a touchscreen option with few physical buttons and some users might want to go for the look of the phone and not just the features. Whichever handset you choose, you will only be disappointed if you are expecting a more high-spec handset.

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