Downloading Free Music On Phones Doesn’t Exist

One of the most common questions that I have heard when people get on their smart phones is “where do I find free music that I can download?” It is such a terrible question to hear because there’s not a right answer to this question besides the fact that it does not exist.

If you’re wanting music on your phone, chances are that it’s going to be new music. Mainstream media music is going to cost money no matter what. If you have been told that your friend or a friend of a friend is downloading free music on his or her phone, then they are doing it illegally against the law.

I have also learned that in most cases when people are downloading free music on their phones that they are unaware that it is usually illegal. Here in the United States if you are not buying the music from the artist or paying some sort of fee to use the download then you are stealing the copyrights of that music and that is against the law.


Would I Get Caught If I Did It?
They say that statistically you have a better chance of getting hit by a car and dying then you do of getting caught downloading music illegally. That is a common statistic that I’ve heard before but I’m not sure if I believe it. I’m also sure that this statistic is probably going towards computers instead of downloading music on the phone. Your phone is pretty easily traced to who you are and who is using it pretty easily.

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But all of that aside, I would say if you go back to the idea of basic morals you’re going to realize that the music artist is not receiving a single penny of revenue because you’re stealing the music. If you are a fan of that artist or even that style of music you should realize that the person deserves to make even that small amount of money on their music.

“They Make Millions of Dollars Though”
A good perspective to have  the put yourself in that artist shoes and realize that people are stealing from you out there and there’s basically nothing you can do about it. Envision yourself having things stolen from you that you earned and you believe that you put your soul into.

So downloading music for free on your phone is going to most likely be illegal 90% of the time. Unless you are downloading amateur music that people give away for free to try to expand their portfolio. Mainstream music is never free and it always comes at a cost. So if you are not paying for music I would watch what you are doing because it is illegal. And remember if you were that person of the music artist, you would not appreciate people stealing from you.

People need to understand that illegal downloading is wrong. Author Christopher understands the value in giving money back to the music artists of today. It is their music in reality so pay them for it.

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