Spy Pen Cameras and Recording Devices
An inconspicuous device that looks and works like a real ballpoint pen but is also a wide angle video camera with a rechargeable battery for over 2 hours of recording use. The 4GB internal memory gives over 4 hours of video recording of time and date stamped footage and photos. It has a USB data and charge cable. The spy pen can also have a digital recording device fitted in which can record at the highest quality for up to 7 hours with a 2GB. The device can be charged within 2 – 3 hours using the USB transfer and charging cable. The pen supports all operating systems and is easy to use.

3G Covert Air Freshener Camera Unit
This gadget can offer peace of mind as it can be used not only as a spy camera but also as a sensor that triggers a video call when a possible intruder passes the air freshener. The unit can provide you with remote video monitoring over 2G and 3G networks so you can watch it from your phone. This device would be perfect for use as a protective system for a dependent relative who lives alone, such as in warden controlled accommodation or care home. There are other disguised covert cameras available that will record footage onto memory cards or from the device and played back via a USB connection on a computer. Most of these devices will have rechargeable batteries which usually give from 2 – 4 hours of recording capability.

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Bionic Ear Hearing Amplifier
This great device allows you to listen to conversations from as far away as 20 feet and sounds can be amplified by 50 decibels so you can hear with clarity what is being said. This AAA battery operated device is small and lightweight and fits discreetly into a pocket or can be worn clipped to a belt. When used with stereo earphones it provides superior audio quality. Some bigger less covert devices can focus on sounds up to 100 yards away. A bionic ear of this greater size will shut off sounds over 95 decibels. These larger devices are generally used for surveillance by law enforcers, security personnel, wildlife enthusiasts and outdoor adventurists and many more.

Spy Watch Cameras
Spy watches come in all shapes and sizes and have very affordable prices. These stylish and trendy watches operate just like a real watch but they have a tiny hidden camera inside even the less expensive devices come with High Definition video recording that captures high quality sound and vision. Most watches are water proof and have a separate voice recording only option. Some of the higher prices watches include infrared night vision and video and photo capabilities. These types of watches can also be used in complete darkness so are therefore great for hobbies such as cave exploration. Footage from all watches can be played back on any mainstream movie playback software via a USB connector.

Bug Detectors and Hidden Camera Detectors
There is equipment available to detect bugs, hidden cameras and even mobile phone bugs and wireless microphones. An RF signal is a radio frequency with alternating current electrical signals with a frequency range. The bug detectors locate the RF signals from the devices and set off an alarm, however this may not be a bug. It could be that the neighbours have a wireless router or you forgot to turn off your phone. It takes skill to de bug a property or car and it can be a long process of looking for the obvious place someone could have planted a camera or a microphone.

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