HTC Beats Itself – The HTC Windows 8X Vs. The HTC One XL

The HTC Windows 8X Vs. The HTC One XL
HTC is one of the rare mobile phone manufacturers that puts money into producing both Windows and Android phones. This could be seen as competing with itself. On the other hand, the Windows operating system does still have its fans, so maybe it’s a good idea for HTC to cover all bases. However, one of the problems with a company promoting two different operating systems is that one system always seems to have more energy devoted to it than the other.

This is evident with Nokia who, despite making Android and Windows phones, is by far better known for their Windows 8 devices. HTC is better known for its sleek and stylish Android phones, which are excellent devices and affordable to boot. Does that mean that their Windows line suffers at the expense of the Android line?

We suspected this might be true, and decided to test the theory. We took the HTC Windows 8X and put it in a head to head comparison against the HTC One XL, an Android phone. These are comparable handsets, retailing at similar prices, and even looking remarkably alike. But it became evident that one device was clearly superior to the other…

The HTC Windows 8X Vs. The HTC One XL
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Why You Should Buy an HTC One XL…
There are a few ways in which the One XL excelled over the 8X. Firstly, it’s an Android phone. That means a direct connection to the Android App Market, making downloading and installing new program’s and games easy and convenient. It also means that the device can support running multiple applications at the same time, so you can chat on Skype and read the internet news simultaneously. Windows supports neither of these features.

The screen is larger, measuring in at 4.7 inches rather than 4.3 inches on the 8X, making reading web pages and emails that much easier. Plus, being an XL model, you get an awful lot of internal storage. The One XL comes with a full 32 GB of internal memory, the 8X with only 16 GB. That means double the amount of music, photos and data that can be stored on your phone. Finally, you have better Bluetooth support on the XL, which runs Bluetooth 4.0 rather than the 2.1 version on the 8X. The newer software allows faster data transfer, and also has lower power consumption when connecting to other Bluetooth devices, and important consideration if you use a lot of hands free calling…

And What About the HTC Windows 8X?
Really the only advantage that the 8X has is that its screen is of a slightly higher quality. The display has around ten per cent more PPI (pixels per inch), making the picture quality just a tad crisper and better defined. It’s a hard difference to notice unless the two devices are side by side though.

Go For the Android…
As we suspected, the Android device was far better than the Windows phone. Unless you have a clear preference for running a Windows operating system, there really is no reason to choose the Windows 8X over the One XL. Plus, with the XL you get all that extra storage space. There isn’t that much competition in our minds…

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