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Ever wanted to design something with the touch of your finger in any place you could think of and not just with a mouse and desktop in an office? How about creating your design using an iPad? We have one word for you, Plak. It’s a simple, fast and a natural-to-use page layout app for iPad. Graphic designers can quickly create projects away from the studio.
Wherever they are, school, cafe, city rooftop or at the park watching movies, if an idea pops into their head, they can quickly use their inspiration and design their vision on an iPad. “I am struck by how simple and fluid it is to design on the iPad,” mind x motion, LLC explain,” Even with only basic tools developed, moving the elements around on the page is so effortless. We are designing elemental tools allowing anybody to quickly create flyers, brochures, or posters.”

The idea for this app, came to the Plak product creator, Nicholas Paredes, when he, “was studying typography at the Basel School of Design with Wolfgang Weingart in 2005. At the time I was playing with the first Windows Tablet PCs. The design process was simple, using very basic tools like scissors and tape with laser printed text and imagery to quickly create new ideas. When the iPad arrived, I knew that it would be an ideal tool for design.

While many people use computers to design, the best designers don’t let the tool take over. We are creating a tool for these designers.” He wanted to create a quick and easy tool in order to design a layout with the touch of a finger, this way graphic designers could produce ideas anywhere and everywhere.


We asked mind x motion, LLC how Plak would make a difference for users. They told us, “Professional designers will use Plak to quickly create and share ideas. Other people, such as students, could quickly create a poster for class, and then print it at a Kinko’s through Dropbox, or other local print locations such as Walgreens or Walmart locations. The use case is to be productive in the coffee shop or on the air plane.”

The first version of the app will allow designers to do the basics. Instead of developing an over complicated piece of software, the creators at mind x motion, LLC wanted to create a product which allows you to quickly sketch and generate ideas. There are four simple buttons to help you start designing.

They include art/shapes, artwork photos, typography and sketching. They plan on creating templates and content so designers can continue to progress, and small jobs, like designing a business card, can be expedited. The developers also designed Plak so you can export your work as photos or pdfs, that’s handy!

Mind x motion expects the iPad app to be free for single projects incase students need the ability to design a poster for school without having to purchase the entire app. In order to create multiple projects, an in-application purchase will enable this functionality and the cost is estimated to be $9.99.

However, they are exploring options with an in-app stock photo purchases and enabling printing directly through in-app services. These types of partnerships may help allow them to make the app completely free. With the help of, they plan to complete development in April of this year.

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