Comparison Between Smoke Alarm Camera Recorder And Table Lamp Camera And Recorder

What Is The Same?
The camera recorders are a fully functioning smoke alarm with a hidden camera and a fully functioning table lamp with a hidden camera. The smoke alarm is exactly like any smoke alarm you would buy at a hardware shop and the table lamp is a stylish yet bland table lamp that would not look out of place in any living room or bedroom. Both devices record the footage to an SD memory card with 32 GB or memory. The footage is viewable via a USB connection through any PC or laptop.

What’s The Difference?
The biggest difference is that the table lamp camera and recorder runs from the mains and the smoke alarm camera and recorder is battery operated. Because the smoke alarm is fitted to the ceiling, in a hall way or kitchen, it can lack in flexibility. However although the table lamp is more flexible with location it needs to be close to an electric socket. Mains operated devices seem to have more features than battery operated devices; this could be to conserve energy and battery changing times. The table lamp footage is time and date stamped, which can be of great use if checking up on the times and dates people come and go on the video.

Smoke Alarm
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The more impressive of the devices has to be the table lamp camera and recorder as it has a longer recording time and the footage is time and date stamped. Having said that, there is a danger of the device being unplugged when not in use or if the camera is for a home situation the family may not like to look or style of the lamp. Everyone these days has a smoke alarm and there is nothing suspicious or not to like about its design or look – they are all the same so it could be a safe bet to choose the smoke alarm and take the hit of changing the batteries.


Real Life Uses For Both Devices
A woman was renting a property from a private landlord and she was not sure that he kept to all the terms and conditions of the tenancy. He would turn up to check the property without notice or he would come into the property to carry out repairs, again without notice. She was living there alone and she was worried he would come in in the middle of the night. To give her some peace of mind and to gain evidence she decided to fit a smoke alarm camera and recorder into the hallway. The hidden camera gave her some good footage of her landlord entering the property without notification.

Children do not always do what they are supposed to do. When you are a single parent it can mean that you are at work most days when your children are at home. A man was doing just this when he had a call from school to say the children were not attending and their grades were not very good. He bought a couple of table lamp camera and recorders to record what went on when he was not a home. The device showed skiving from school, watching inappropriate television programs and films and fighting. He was furious and told children what he had done to catch them out. He didn’t tell them how he knew what they were doing but he told them he could find out at any time. The children suddenly began to behave.

Charlie Hodgson is a private detective and alongside private detective London he has tried out many spy devices and equipment in order to use them on a real surveillance job. These devices include the smoke alarm camera and recorder and the table lamp camera and recorder. For more blogs similar to this one please visit

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