Playing In The Virtual World With Real Emotion – A Dangerous Combination

Gaming is indeed a nice pastime but should not be made a habit. Addiction of gaming is really hazardous. It is a kind of drug which is very difficult to let go. It might take days, months or even years to get a person out of the addiction of gaming.

The better truth
Gamers have a tendency to lose themselves so much in the virtual world or the gaming world that the reality becomes harder to accept. They generally lose interest in whatever is happening around them. Real emotions don’t matter and virtual world starts becoming real. This is the ugly truth for gamers. They don’t just start being alone but lose themselves in the cloud of thoughts. It becomes hard for them to depict what suits them the best and what doesn’t suit them at all.

A lot of aggression and violence is exhibited by gamers as that is what they see on their screens. Virtual people try to kill some other virtual people. The truth remains that for some, this scenario is a bitter reality which in turns transforms the minds and souls of the players.

Paying Game
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Gamers deaths bed
Research says that a lot of young people, who get inspired by what they see, actually harm themselves or harm the people around them. Here is some research which proves how loving the virtual world can actually turn things upside down.

  •  Some of the games have a huge impact on gamers which causes sudden heart attacks, even at a young age
  • A person took the life of his friend for not returning the Dragon Sabre, but selling it to some other person.
  • A teenager jumped off from 24-story building and left a note which stated the view point of a video game character
  • Another young boy killed an old lady to get money out of her just for filing the subscription for online gaming
  •  A 27 year old person killed his 1.5 year old daughter just because she broke his Xbox by mistake
  • A 17 year old guy killed his mother for not allowing him to play Halo3
  • Another 2 year old was killed by her mother’s boyfriend with a game controller
  • GTA inspired cop killing spree.

So many adverse effects are there in rigorous gaming but still people are following it from the core, trying to find a way out of their imminent boredom.

Relationships in second life
People who play too many games are often found alone. Their relationships with people go for a toss because of their unruly and aggressive nature. They get so involved with themselves that the character from the particular game becomes their friend and the real meaning of relationship is lost somewhere. The real life becomes their second life and the relationships in second life have no meaning.

Suggestion to follow
People who have friends, sons, daughters and  are heavily involved in gaming should definitely go through these instructions. Don’t worry, even if you are one of the addicted gamers, these quick tips are bound to help you out.

  • Timers should be set for gaming. Probably just 1 hour a day. Not a minute more
  • Less violent games should be bought
  • Keep a constant check on your friends and keep on updating them if your friends are too much addicted to gaming

Definitely the virtual world and real emotions, if integrated, can cause a big problem.

This is a guest post written by Brian Anderson. He likes to play a lot of Y8 games in his free time.

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