What Do Dick Tracy, Apple And Two Way Radios Have In Common?

Remember Dick Tracy? The comic book hero who used to wear a dandy wristwatch that doubled up as a two way radio, computer and TV?

Well, if you know about Dick, great, and if you don’t you should catch up on him because the wrist watch-radio-TV that he sported on his wrist may now be manufactured by Apple. After computers, mobiles and tablets, Apple has started toying around with smart watches that are made using curved glass. The project is in experimentation stage though.

Think about it – a two way radio, phone and a TV that you will be able to strap on to your wrist! Dick Tracy could do it in the 1930s, and you will be able to emulate him in the 2100s! We’re sure Dick Tracy fans, who coveted his gadgets, especially his two way wrist TV, will go absolutely gaga at this bit of news and Apple will now be expecting to establish an increased market dominance by converting Dick Tracy loyalists into loyal Apple fans.

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Apple is not revealing details as yet but insiders who are familiar with the company say that the new smartwatch will operate on Apple’s iOS platform. The product will derive its edge from the company’s successful research on curved glass technology (how class can curve around the human body). The breakthrough has been made possible because Corning, the company that makes the tough glass that is used in iPhones, has announced that it can now make thin and ultra-flexible glass that bends just like paper.

Many fans are eager to find out how this exciting two way communicator will look like, but it seems like they will have to wait it out until Apple announces its plans. Dick Tracy fans already want to know if the new smartphone will come equipped with SIRI, Apple’s Map software, and text message-receiving facility. Could it be used to make mobile payments using Apple’s Passbook software? Many are curious whether the smartwatch will double up as a health measurement device (heart, blood pressure, pulse). Most of all, everyone wants to know how much the device will cost.
Well, all these answers may be with Inspector Gadget, but there are rumors that Timothy Cook, Apple’s CEO, may be wearing one as you read this piece.

We’re sure that the Dick Tracy Watch and the glass that easily curves around the human body would have got you all excited and eager to own Apple’s two way communicator. And why not! Two-way radios never ever got so close as they are about to.

Source: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/02/10/disruptions-apple-is-said-to-be-developing-a-curved-glass-smart-watch/

Andrew K. Boan is a tech-blogger who looks forward to the day he can have a wrist watch that works like Dick Tracy’s did. But until then, he will continue to use good old fashion two way radios to communicate between friends.

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