5 Camera Apps For Traveling

They say a picture is worth one-thousand words.  This must be why we take at least a thousand pictures while on vacation.  The following are a few things you will want with you on your next great vacation adventure.  All you need is a large enough carry-on bag to take them on the plane.

5 Camera Apps
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  • Created specifically for Android by a former Google employee, Lightbox Photos takes advantage of the strength of the operating system.  There are 18 filters you can select any and apply them to photos.  This includes photos already saved to file and those you take with the Lightbox QuickSnap camera. After your pictures look the way you want to look, you can share with your favorite social network. Additionally, you can upload photos to your album in your Lightbox account.  You also have the option to share photos with the Lightbox community, while getting comments and tips from other users.  Free
  • Another good camera app is the Camera360 Ultimate.  This app offers an assortment of effects.  They can also alter your photos.  Although these effects are unimpressive when you first begin, you will see there are many extra filters and options that are not visible at first.  For example, after you take a picture while enabling the “Colorful” effect, you will see a list of another ten filters that will make the image more vibrant.  Camera360’s best feature is that it allows you to compare your altered photo with the original.  Although the app does not have a social community, like Instagram and Lightbox, the Android sharing function supports sharing.  Free
  • Hipster is another interesting picture app that is available for Android.  With Hipster, you can use filtered photos while designing postcards.  Then you send them by email and to your family and friends.  When you have geo-tagging enabled, you can let everyone know where the photos took place.  This cool feature allows you to add some personality to your photos.  The small creative Hipster community lets photographers browse and comment on pictures.  The “Crafty” filter adds character to photos.  Free
  • Labelbox is awesome since it lets you place labels on photos.  This helps you give your photos scrapbook appeal.  You decorate the photos by dragging your finger over the area where you want labels placed.  You can also add design flair to photos.  Although this app comes with nine label styles, you can buy another four for only $1.  After labeling and saving, you upload images to one of your favorite social networks.  Free
  • Flickr redesigned in 2011, to establish direct competition with Instagram.  This great app only has 10 filters compared to the 17 found with Instagram.  However, the Flickr app is easy to navigate and very clean.  You also have the option of uploading your photos to Tumblr, Facebook, and through Twitter.  Otherwise, you can use this app to send pictures straight to family and friends by email.  Moreover, photos will upload to Flickr, where you can gain input from Flickr’s community while connecting with global photographers.  Free
Noc takes a lot of pictures while traveling and sometime uses Travel Advantage Network to capture memories.
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