Why Oister Is About What’s Inside The Box

If you are looking for a mobile telephone operator in Denmark then you will probably have already heard of Oister. You will know that they offer a great service and that their coverage is second to none. However, you might not know how they attract so many customers and you might like to learn exactly what it is that makes Oister one of Denmark’s top providers. The answer is simple; they consider what their customers want and then strive to provide it. At Oister it’s not the package that is important; it’s what is inside it.

So let’s start with the phones that are offered and as you would expect you have a choice of all the best Smart models from iPhone and Samsung to HTC. They also offer an award winning network to make sure that your fancy phone does what it is supposed to.

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You see, they like to make sure that their clients understand exactly what services they are receiving for the money that they are paying. They believe in total transparency with no add-ons that are not required. It is all about providing value for money and making sure that their customers stay with them and feel no need to look elsewhere.


Their prices are extremely competitive especially when you consider that several independent tests have concluded that the Oister 3 network is the best in the country for speed and connection. They also offer a broadband package that offers the same results.

So you get an affordable mobile and mobile internet tariff and you get a network that has been tested as the best there is and that is only for starters.

At Oister they believe that customer service should be about the service a customer receives. They want you, as a client, to feel that they have helped you in every way possible to resolve any queries that you might have. They also offer a webpage to help you help yourself.

This page can also be used to settle your bill as they know that customers are keen on the idea of online payment.

For a company that has only been trading in Denmark since 2008 they have come an extremely long way. Their strategy of providing top quality inexpensive mobile and broadband services to the Danish people has helped cement the unusual named company firmly into the minds of the masses.

The name Oister is in fact pretty close to the English word “oyster”, which is why they choose to use a picture of a purple variety of this particular shell fish on many of their adverts. They were originally going to name the company “Oi”, which is Portuguese for hello. But that name had already been nabbed by a Brazilian company so they took the name Oister instead.

However, the new name is actually quite apt, because just like the crustacean the package isn’t important. It is what is inside the package that counts.

Thomas Christensen works as a customer support agent for one of the biggest providers of mobile services in Denmark – Oister (interesting to know is that the Danes call it Oyster).

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