How You Can Take Advantage Of Digital Catalogs For Making Killer Valentine Day Sales

While Valentine’s Day is a great day to express love and affection, you shouldn’t overlook the fact that it makes February one of the most popular months in terms of buying gifts. People are looking to buy nice gifts for their loved ones and are essentially begging to get their hands on your products. Because of this, companies all over are trying to take advantage of this huge opportunity and make sure that their products are in the faces of every Valentine’s Day shopper which means you have to try even harder to market your products.

With that said, one of the best ways to really stand out and bring in more sales for Valentine’s Day next year is through digital catalogs. Here’s exactly how you can take your products to the next level and have the best Valentine’s Day sales ever.

Digital Catalogs
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Make sure all your products are in your digital catalog

As it gets closer and closer to Valentine’s Day, shoppers become increasingly desperate and are willing to buy nearly anything. This means that you’re more likely to sell some of the items that might not be as popular come April. So if there’s any merchandise that you didn’t put in your e-catalog because it’s not a hot ticket item, you want to make sure it’s in there in February.


Cater your product descriptions to fit the occasion

Valentine’s Day is all about showing affection and buying gifts for the ones you love. Make sure your product descriptions reflect that. When you’re displaying your products via your digital catalog, people are going to be reading the descriptions. The descriptions should captivate the customer and make them think about the occasion.

Have sales

One thing that people look for during Valentine’s Day is sales. Even if the discounts are as high as 60% off, you want to have some sort of sale in February to attract more buyers and give them an incentive to buy right now. The great thing about using a digital catalog software or application is that you can usually mark items on sale in real time in your catalog. So if you see a particular item isn’t selling particularly well around the 9th or 10th, consider putting it on sale to get some more sales.

Organize your digital catalog correctly

Any items specifically related to Valentine’s Day should be at the front of your digital catalog. If you sell jewelry, make sure diamonds are highlighted in your catalog, and perhaps have a section for engagement rings. The advantage you get with an e-catalog as opposed to a paper one is that you can easily reorganize it and change things up to suit your needs. You may even consider placing keywords such as “Valentine’s Day” in product descriptions so that customers will naturally sway towards them knowing the day is right around the corner. Sometimes just seeing the words Valentine’s Day is enough to motivate a customer to make a purchase for the big day.

Push your higher priced items

People are generally willing to spend more money on a gift for Valentine’s Day than they would for any other day. Since it’s viewed as a special occasion, customers are willing to go above and beyond for a gift which is an excellent way for you to maximize your profits. Highlight your diamonds, 24Kt gold, and other higher end items in your catalog to entice people to buy them. Often times customers don’t necessarily know exactly what they want, but they want something “nice”. Nice usually translates into more expensive but since its Valentine’s Day, price isn’t as much of an issue.
If you follow these tips, you’ll rock Valentine’s Day next year and make a killing in sales.

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