4G Plans For Your IPhone 5

4G Plans For Your IPhone 5
Apple’s iPhone 5 carries the description LTE, which means that it’s a 4G capable phone. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this capability, then you might want to know a little more about 4G, and about the plans that are available to you. Signing i Phone contracts can be a complicated process, and 4G is just another option to add to an already long list. But it could well have advantages for you. So what exactly is all of this 4G business anyway?

What is 4G?
Basically, 4G is another way of sending mobile Internet data. Or any data for that matter (it can also be used on iPads and laptops, for example). Right now smart phones use 3G to send and receive mobile Internet data, but 4G is the next step. In general, 4G should give you much faster Internet speeds, in fact it’s around five times faster than normal 3G connectivity. For you that means faster streaming of videos, web pages that open instantly, and better Internet services. 4G is in its infancy, and there aren’t many 4G networks around, although mobile service providers are in the process of building the infrastructure that will allow the use of 4G devices on their networks.

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What are My 4G Options?
Right now the only company that you can sign a real 4G contract with is EE. This is rapidly changing, and there will be more companies on the market very soon. But currently, if you want to sign a 4G contract, then you need to sign up with EE.


EE’s Data Plans…
If you already own an iPhone 5, and have calling and messaging services with another operator, you can sign up with EE for a data only plan. This contract is on a month by month basis, and will cost you different prices depending on how much data you want. 500 MB of monthly data will cost you £21, 1 GB is £26, 3 GB are £31 and 5 GB are £36.

EE Hand Set Prices…
If you wish to sign a full contract with EE, that’s also possible, and in a moment we’ll discuss monthly contract prices. But first, if you wish to purchase an iPhone 5 with your contract there are varying upfront costs depending on the phone that you want. An iPhone 5 16 GB model will cost you £179 in upfront fees, whereas the 32 GB model will cost you £269, and the 64 GB device goes for £379.

EE Contract Prices…
As well as the upfront price of the hand set, you will pay a monthly fee as well. All contracts with EE are twenty four month contracts. They all include unlimited calling minutes as well as unlimited text messaging. The monthly cost depends upon your data cap. For a 500 MB data limit per month you will pay £36, 1 GB will cost you £41 per month, 3 GB will be £46 monthly, 5 GB will be £51, and finally, 8 GB will be £56 per month.

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