There’s Life in the Old Dogs Yet, 2 Symbian Phones Compared – Nokia E73 Mode and Sony Ericsson Satio

2 Symbian Phones Compared – Nokia E73 Mode and Sony Ericsson Satio
Presenting to you two mobiles with Symbian powering their operations, we review the Nokia E73 Mode and the Sony Ericsson Satio. Both these handsets are great in their own way and since Symbian isn’t really as developed as its counterparts yet, it would be unfair these phones to the likes of Apple and Samsung gadgets. For the price they can be purchased, these mobile phones are great bargains and are a wonderful handset to have.

Nokia E73 Mode
Coming with an elegant design, the Nokia E73 Mode is a wonderful compact smart phone with a high-resolution screen of 2.3 inches. The QWERTY keypad it comes with is easy to use and the buttons are soft enough for gentle operation. There is a camera in the rear that provides 5MP resolution and a front facing camera that is good enough for video calling and Skype chats.

Nokia E73
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The Symbian 9.3 OS coupled with the S60 platform makes sure the Nokia E73 Mode is one of the best performance oriented handsets we’ve seen in a long time for. There are many apps that can be used to simplify your contacts, tasks and reminders. With the 3G connectivity provided by the E73 and the 16 GB memory space expandable up to 32 GB, you can multitask in moderation and the battery also can be trusted to stay up all day.


With maps, games, services, and miscellaneous syncing apps available neatly stacked in its hardware, the Nokia E73 can be best used as a proper commercial smart phone that concentrates on easing your office room tasks with style.

Sony Ericsson Satio
While the Sony Ericsson Satio doesn’t have a great design to brag about, it surely steals the show with a jaw dropping camera that is available at 13 MP, unusually clear for a budget Symbian 9.3 OS operated phone. Add to that the front camera that is 2 MP optimised and you have a great data calling and Skype chat facility on your smart phone.

The phone also is powerful enough to have 8 GB internal storage space and an external memory of 8 GB through its SD slots. A unique feature not available in many smart phones would be the walkman type music stereo systems available with this phone.

With powerful 3G services, using the Internet is very easy and the call quality is also excellent with the responses from the processing hardware were powerful enough not to cause huge lags in the system.

The apps that are stacked in the user-friendly interface of the Sony Ericsson Satio include a lot of networking and social media plug-ins that can be organised in whatever way you prefer. There is a radio station provided, and various Java based software programs that are added onto the software panel.

Thus, the Sony Ericsson Satio might not be the best smart phone available today, but it is definitely great value for the money you pay, even if you’re not a Symbian fan.

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