5 Best Apps For Finding Medical Jobs
In today’s job market, keeping up to date with all possible job leads is more important than ever. Medical jobs are in high demand, but even the most qualified candidates are often stumped about where to start looking. Fortunately, with today’s technology, job hunters can now use apps to access the best job leads on their smartphones with a click of a button. A look at some of the best apps for finding medical jobs can help job applicants find instant access to open positions and landing the job of their dreams.

5 Best Apps
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Monster.com Job Search App
As one of the most recognized websites in job hunting, Monster.com now has an app available for Android, iPhone, and iPad. This app allows job hunters to upload their resumes, cover letters, and other application materials to have on hand at all times. The app lets candidates search through thousands of job leads daily based on region and industry. This app is also integrated with Facebook and the employment network BeKnown, which allows you to contact HR professionals serving the best employers.

Jobs By CareerBuilder.com
This app brings all of the resources of the CareerBuilder.com website in a format supported by iPhone, iPad, or iPod systems. Applicants can upload resumes, cover letters, and search for jobs using CareerBuilder’s special geo-location search function. CareerBuilder is famous for its helpful articles, resume tips, and recruiters, so you will never miss out on which hospital or private practice is hiring. Because CareerBuilder has a solid relationship with many recruiters, job applicants can often email employers and schedule interviews directly using this tool.

Indeed.com App
This app allows you to customize job searches based on your industry or zip code. Compatible with both Android and iPhone systems, the app filters through job leads from companies, online job boards, and recruiters. This app allows job hunters to upload their resumes for thousands of job postings in the medical field, free of charge. With over 50,000 success stories and counting, Indeed is a leader in the job hunting process.

LinkedIn Mobile
Keeping a LinkedIn profile up to date is essential for all medical job applicants. LinkedIn allows employers to see your job history and special qualifications, and allows you to network through groups to find job leads. Not only can you upload your own resume, but you can access the professional history of your interviewers and connections. With thousands of medical professional groups alone, this app is a great tool for learning about the hospital or company for which you are applying. The LinkedIn mobile app is available in a wide range of formats, including Droid, iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm, and iPod.

Jibber Jobber Mobile App
Once you start accumulating interviews and job leads, the Jibber Jobber app is designed to help your organize your search. This organizer app keeps track of job contacts, completed applications, contact information, and follow up opportunities. If you are the type who needs a little extra help organizing your search, this expert app can help keep your search as professional as possible.
Apps for finding medical jobs can save time and give job hunters access to the best open positions from all over the country. As an added bonus, job seekers can remain discreet in their searches while building their professional networks with a click of a button.

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