Mobile phones featuring Android operating system can be protected by antivirus applications. There is a whole world of antivirus software packages out there, and if you are in topsy-turvy, about which one would work, then here are some best antivirus apps for android devices.

Avast Mobile Security
Providing anti-virus protection for desktop users, Avast has been one of the trusted names in the business. Now, same protection level can be experienced on smart phones by installing Avast Mobile Security. With a user friendly interface and real time protection, the software protects different Android devices from all type of viruses and malware. Not just the protection from viruses and malware, the anti-theft feature will allow you to control your device even when you loose it.

Apps For Android Devices
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Another reputed name in the business of anti-virus applications, AVG, has all the Android devices covered. A user has two options, either go for free version or get a premium PRO edition. Major features of this app are real time safety from viruses and malware, battery optimizer, task killer, and antitheft protection. The free version comes with fourteen days trial period.

Performance, security, privacy and antitheft are the main four components that the app features. The application is quick and runs smoothly using 12MB RAM, and only captures 6.7MB of space.

Bitdefender App
Mobile security and antivirus app from Bitdefender is another application that you can trust to shield different devices running Android. With real time security from viruses and malware, the app is much more than just an antivirus application. The software will look after all data on your device in case you loose your device unfortunately. You can download their free version to test them before you purchase the PRO version.

Installing the software on any Android device is not an arduous task. Once you run the application, it will guide you through the installation process. For the first time, the sign-in required with either Gmail or with Bitdefender account. Run the full scan when prompted to secure your device.

Kaspersky App 
The Kaspersky mobile security app is available in demo and full versions. Whereas demo is free and you might be charged minimal for the full version. The app guards Android devices from spyware, phishing sites, Internet threats, malware and viruses. The software is easy to use and shields your data on a missing device remotely.

Installation process is fairly easy. You don’t have to bother about any complex ones, even to set up the free version. You can always switch to the complete edition by providing the required information.

Spyarsenal Apps
If you are looking to keep your devices safe from spyware and other unwanted activities, then has a range of products for you, mainly offering different activity monitoring tools and Keylogger. There also are several free software being offered. Besides different applications, the site also gives you information on spy software, Keylogger, and monitoring tools.

The list of anti-virus software, spyware, Keylogger and activity monitor-tools is very long. These are some excellent applications from the list that can be used for complete protection of your systems and devices.

This article has been written by Alex. One of the best ways to keep track of your internet usage is by using the keylogger tool. If you are looking for foolproof security for your systems, check out today.

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