Essential Apps for Business Users
Everyday there are thousands of apps being added to the various app stores but knowing which ones will work out best for you can be difficult. In many cases you will never know until you try them, but here are a few that are worth a go if you are looking for help with work.Document Handling
Quick Office Pro is perfect for helping to edit and create new documents while you are on the move. This works well with Microsoft Office and is ideal no matter what type of document you are creating. This is an Android app and can even be set up to allow the user to give a Powerpoint presentation just using the phone. With features such as a spell checker it is not that different to working on a computer.

SwiftKey has become essential for many Android users. There is a default keyboard with Android but some user will find it a little fiddly and awkward to use. Download SwiftKey as an alternative. This is an award-winning app and is used by dragging a finger across the keyboard instead of tapping the letters. This is teamed with software that will predict the word. Most users have found this to be far quicker when sending texts or emails and those who have used it before will often download it immediately when they get a new Android phone.

PocketCloud Pro offers remote access to office documents and is perfect for users who need to access that all-important file while they are out of the office. This connects the phone to a work or home computer so that the same files can be seen on both. You will need to pay for this app but reviewers are in agreement that it is worth every penny.

Cloud Access
Google Docs is another useful app. While many people still prefer Microsoft Office, Google Docs is a great way of creating and accessing information from documents that can be used by many people. The app is also ideal for those who just need to create notes while they are not in the office and the information is just sitting there until needed at a later date. Files can be shared with the permission of the creator and it is a great app for those who have to co-ordinate work between teams in different locations.

Making Notes
Catch is a great app for those who like to take notes while they are on the go. Catch is similar to Twitter in the way that it looks and it is very simple to use. The point of Catch is to create ideas and then these are subdivided into notes. Comments can be added at any time to the notes. Hashtags can be assigned to the notes to help to put them into categories. You can also add photos and sound files.

There are many more than this available and it is worth trying out a few different ones as you never know when you will find the right mobile apps to make your working day run that little bit smoother.


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