SEO & Social Media – How To Create A Strategy That Embraces Both

Since webmasters first realized the power of search engines in determining the success of a website, SEO has been an integral part of web design and online marketing strategy.  Now the power of social media has given developers a new and very powerful tool for promoting websites and organisations. Companies can now speak directly to their market, and interact on the same level. By creating a strategy that embraces both SEO and social media, you can give your website the best possible chance of success, so here are a few ideas to get you started.                 
Create social media profiles
If you haven’t already set up social media platforms, the first thing to do is sign up to some relevant sites and create some profiles. Which sites you choose to join will depend on your target market and what you’re looking to achieve from your marketing. Spend some time researching the audiences that different social media sites are aimed at to try and gauge which one will be the most relevant to your requirements.

Social media is an increasingly powerful marketing tool
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Once you have chosen, try to create as full a profile as possible, complete with photos and background information. This will help users connect with your company and give it a more human face.

Create interest
The next step is to create some interest around your profile. Try to make posts that people will find interesting, such as upcoming events or special offers. Having a blog is already a popular way to improve the SEO of your website as Google likes content that is well written and regularly updated.
Try to post all blogs that you publish on your website onto your profile as well, this should to get people reading your content and clicking through to your website.


The more people click through to your website, the more important search engines will think your site is, and so your page rankings should improve.

Get interactive
Making posts and updating your profile is all well and good, but in order to get the most search engine optimization from your social media, you need to get active too. This means interacting with other users and being dynamic on social media platforms. Share posts made by relevant users, and get involved with the online community.

The more you do this, the more people will see your company as approachable and trustworthy.

Blogs are great for attracting people to your website and improving SEO
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Get informed
Knowledge is power when it comes to SEO, knowing your target audience and their behaviors are crucial to creating the right online strategies. And having direct access to your audience can give you a huge advantage.

Use the opportunity provided by social media to learn about your market. Their likes and dislikes and where your product or website can come in that.  Make sure you use a good tracking package to monitor the visitors to your site so you can see what aspects of your social media profile are most attractive to them.

You can even ask other users to fill in short surveys and questionnaires, bringing market research straight to your fingertips. The more active and energetic you are in the world of social media, the more it will drive traffic to your website. Increased traffic will help your page ranking to improve, and make your website appear more important.

Even a page with lots of ‘likes’ is likely to rank higher on search engine’s results pages as it shows the content is relevant for those visiting the site.

Word of mouth has always been a powerful marketing tool and now with social media becoming an increasingly large part of people’s lives, it’s here that many turn for tips, advice and information. So make the most of this opportunity and get SEO and social media working for you.

Written by Nathan Griffiths who works in SEO. Go and visit cre8ive-it’s website to see how they can help you with SEO and social media needs.

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