Top 5 Pieces Of Technology For A Hotel

Top 5 Pieces Of Technology For A Hotel
Staying at a hotel can be a pleasure or it can be tough. The guest experience at a hotel will depend on a variety of factors including service, cleanliness and amenities. These days, guests are looking for more high-tech amenities that will help them with work or to simply relax. Here are some of the high-tech amenities you may want to look for the next time you are getting ready to book a hotel room.

High Speed Internet and Wi-Fi
Whether you are staying at a budget hotel or a five-star luxury hotel, you will want to have high speed Internet to use. Smaller hotels may charge a fee for using it, but bigger hotel chains often include it in the price of the room. Wi-Fi is also offered on different levels depending on the quality of the hotel. In-room Wi-Fi is often available at bigger hotels, with smaller hotels providing it in the lobby and other public areas of the property.

Technology For A Hotel
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MP3 Docking Station
Most travelers want to have something to keep them occupied while traveling and nothing is better than an MP3 player for listening to music. However, if you forget your charger, it’s going to be a very quiet trip back home. Some hotels now offer docking stations in rooms not only for charging, but also for the guest to enjoy their own music during their stay.


High-definition televisions are often standard in any quality hotel room. The size of the TV, however, will vary between hotels and may even vary between hotel rooms in the same building. All HDTVs are mounted to the wall for convenience and to give guests a little more space.

Accessible Power Sources
The one issue that many tech-savvy travelers have is the access to power sources within their hotel room. Whether they was to charge their laptop, phone or tablet device, power sources are often well hidden behind furniture and may not be accessible at all. Many hotels are responding to this issue by making power outlets easier to access, but some hotels also offer a connectivity panel for guests. This panel allows guests to view content from their devices on the room television as an alternative to constantly charging the batteries on their devices.

Climate/Lighting Control
Gone are the days where you need to call the front desk every time you want the temperature changed in your hotel room. Many hotels now have the technology to allow guests to set their own climate control in the room to make it comfortable to them. Similar technology is also being implements on lighting features in hotel rooms. Now you can dim the lights for a romantic evening instead of shutting them off altogether.

Not every hotel will be on the cutting edge of technology, however you can look for a variety of these amenities in many hotels around the world. These amenities make interacting with technology much easier every time you stay with your favorite hotel.

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