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Slow Dial up? Speed it Up!

Many people believe that what you see is what you get with a dial-up internet connection. In fact, they also believe that dial-up has to be excruciatingly slow for it too work, but did you know that you can increase the speed of your dial-up internet connection? Here, we look at ways to speed up dial up.

A quick fix is sometimes the best fix

Perhaps, the simplest way to speed up dial up is to simply pay a few extra bucks a month to have access to higher data rates. It can effectually double the speed of a dial-up connection. For avid email users, it is often a time-saver to use a POP3 email server like Microsoft Outlook. Retrieval times for similar protocols are typically much shorter than those of Web-based emails like Yahoo!, Google, or Hotmail.

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Hardware can be an issue too

Sometimes, upgrading your hardware can increase the speed of your dial-up Internet connection. If you have an older, slower CPU or an older/slower modem, the processing speed of your hardware configuration may fall behind the speed of the dial-up connection itself, but if you have a configuration that can process at a speed at or better than your dial-up connection, then you can tap into the full capability of your Internet service.

Another method is to simply use the most elegant Websites you can. Websites that have a lot of bells and whistles tend to be much larger and take a lot more time to transfer. A good example of a dial-up friendly website is the Google homepage. It is clean, simple, and has no large images or animations to load.

Sometimes speed is out of your control

There are other considerations of ways to speed up dial up also. For example, if the Website you are accessing happens to be enjoying a lot of traffic or is served off a particularly slow server configuration, it could slow you down some. Those factors are largely out of the control of an average Internet user, though. Some things the average user can do, however, is implementing a pop-up blocker to free up speed eaten up by advertisements or turning off cookies and running as few programs as possible while surfing the Web.

Hardware that surpasses the speeds of dial up can be found at your local big-box stores or millions of online retailers. portable laptops, and powerful desktops can be bought for less than $200, and will last you for years.

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