Top Free Android Games for Fun

Just get a phone which has android features in it to play your favorite games. Android device users have the option to download the games on their device and start playing the latest games, which are developed by using latest animation technologies.

Need for Speed™ Most Wanted
This racing game allows you to drive the car in a freestyle way. You also have the option to challenge the other people online and try to prove your gaming skills. Play it with great spirit and top the ranking list. Buckle up the gear to outsmart the rivals and outrun the cops. You can either tilt or touch the steer to drive the car in the street.  Whenever the car hits, you can spot realistic full car damage.  Some of the distinguishing features are:

Free Android Games
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1- Speed points help to unlock new cars for racing
2- Make use of the mods to enhance the game play
3- Real time graphic scenario
4- Customized option will make you to play with 40 different exciting cars.


The Bard’s Tale
It is termed as one of the best games of the year 2012 and is developed using some of the high end features like 3D. Before downloading it, check whether your phone has the required features or not. You may have to play as a roguish wanderer that is Bard.

The device specification required to run the game is 1.17 GB free space in your mobile and 1GHZ processor speed. It is an action oriented one and a harrowing adventure where the hero is interested in two things such as coin and cleavage.

The game impresses the player with brilliant graphics, interactive townsfolk, bustling environment, music, animals, rustling trees and much more. Just play to immerse in the world of the Bard.

Fruit Ninja
In this game, you have the chance to transform yourself into a fruit ninja. All you have to do is to just swipe the screen to slash fruit that you come across like a warrior. Check the score with the worldwide Leaderboard and three different modes such as Zen, classic and new arcade make the play more interesting.

It is extremely fun for the players to face different challenges for unlocking new background and blades. The latest of this genre is Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots and just prepare yourself for this new variety of slicing game with exciting challenges.

Where’s My Water?
It is a popular app of Disney with about 200 levels. The alligator called Swampy lives in the sewers and loves to take a shower after the work. You must help him to guide the water to the shower line.  In order to unlock new puzzles you have to collect his ducks and other shower items.

There are about three different stories and more than 400 puzzles for you to solve. You can just log on to the Google Play and download this fabulous game.

Android is the well-known mobile platform where you have the option to download more than thousands of games, which keeps you entertained. There are varieties of games for fun and a single day is not enough to explore them all. It is eventually a good treat for the game lovers.

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