7 Ways For Small Businesses In Las Vegas To Start Getting The Word Out

One: Fire up a website. 
Blogging might be a bit old for a lot of us, however it continues to be a powerful way to interact with your clients, and that connection may be the main reason that social marketing is there. WordPress is one option, and you certainly can’t beat the price. The full time investment is totally your choice, but this one truth applies: The more effort that you put in it, the more you’ll be able to get out. I would definitely recommend that you begin with just a small time investment and slowly put more into it as you feel more and more comfortable with making use of a website.

7 Ways For Small Businesses
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Two: Post your remarks on other sites. 
Blogging is all about joining and creating conversations, and this happens to include reading what everyone else in your field happens to be talking about and partaking in the conversation on other people’s sites. This is something that is free, and once more, the full time investment is as much as you feel like putting in. You will be able to provide your name and website address when your stop by to leave a comment on their site.

Three: Simply take and share photos.
I happen to be a big believer in making use of Flickr as a marketing tool. The cost and time investment is minimal. And because of Flickr’s amazingly active picture groups, it is possible to share pictures of your products with people that are interested in them.


Four: Make and share videos. 
Great video cameras are inexpensive these days, and editing with production is something that is needed in very little quantities to get by with a short video. Even should you suddenly choose to include some nice pizazz on your video, the bank won’t be broken by the required software. How-to videos are a clear choice for many. “Tour” videos—tours of your company, eatery, the dwellings you build or sell, and so on, do really well.

You should also consider using them all on your own site, of course. YouTube is definitely an apparent sharing destination for the videos, though. Local search providers are now starting to adopt video as well: not too long ago CitySearch declared that local video advertisements are going to be something people can have in their listings, and YellowPages is following suit.

Five: Become an active user at Yahoo Answers. 
If you really are a service-based small company, you already know that the expertise you have is the number one marketing tool at your disposal. Yahoo Answers is really a wonderful way to talk about your knowledge with people that are searching for it. Think of it as a direct connection with prospective clients. I spend about 1-2 hours a week answering search engine optimization and marketing questions there, and that little bit of time pretty much always creates more traffic to my website. Never have I regretted that time spent.

Six: Attempt making use of StumbleUpon. 
Of all available social sites that allow users to find new things (Digg, Reddit, and so on), I consider StumbleUpon to need the cheapest time investment, and most Las Vegas SEO companies agree with me. Joining groups that are associated with your business and friending users in those groups can be achieved rapidly. After you do this, when you post pages to StumbleUpon (such as your own personal amazing content, for example) plenty of others will “stumble upon” what you have added. As those visitors give it the “thumbs up”, your article is then demonstrated to a lot more users. Unlike Digg or Delicious, you may not have to spend many months building up an excellent account.

StumbleUpon was the Number. 1 referrer one of my websites back in 2010, and that is without spending lots of time working with it. I ought to bring up that the primary advantage of StumbleUpon is going to be traffic, much more than links, sales, an such things. So instead of hopes that it will become an immediate source of revenue or higher positions in the SERPs, you need to hope that it raises knowledge, weblog readership, feed subscribers, and so on.

Seven: Join groups & e-mail lists. 
There is certainly a great opportunity that a number of your visitors are making use of Yahoo Groups or Google Groups to talk about their interests. Similar to the different Flickr stuff above, there are most likely groups that are very much associated with the type of business you do. And similar to the Yahoo Answers idea, having the ability to assist other people in these types of situations can be quite an excellent marketing tool.

If you adopt just a few of the methods above you, well then you’ll be on the right track with your business for sure.

Mark Myers has been marketing for more than a decade. He currently works with CopperWebs Media to help small business owners in the Las Vegas area to get more customers.

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