Growing amounts
of companies are recognizing the benefits of phone recording. Traditionally
call recording was seen as an expensive option only used in call centers and
large businesses who wished to record their representatives and banks when a
significant transaction or a large amount of business was at risk.

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Why Should I
Record Each Call?
With a call
recording solution not only will also the calls be recorded for your
convenience, but you will receive a log of calls in a user-friendly software,
making it easy for you to navigate and retrieve a call quickly.
Here are the 4
main reasons why businesses want to record their telephone calls:
·  Progress after-sales facility
· To have a record of important
· Comply with business
· Avoid abuse and increased
Companies that
deal with money and premium rate services are required by law to record all
their telephone calls. For other companies it may just be for their own peace
of mind or to replay if a customer complains. Many businesses have different
reason for recording their phone conversations; however once you do record your
calls you are open to a whole host of other benefits. We have outlined these
benefits below in accordance with the four main reasons for wanting to record
phone calls.
After-sales service
Call recording
can be used to check the competence of staff. We all know that different staff
members are more effective than others and this efficiency can affect your
company’s bottom line.
Telephone Conversations of Importance
It is not only a
good thing for businesses but also for customers. Many of us order items over
the phone using our credit card. If the company keeps a log of the phone
conversation and your item never arrives, you have proof that you did place an
Regulations Obedience
Some businesses
are required by law to record their phone conversations. This is determined by
their governing body. Some charities are also required to record their calls
for funding purposes.
Safety & Evade Abuse
If your business
receives a threatening phone call, you can replay the conversation again and
hand it over to the police who can then use it as evidence to track the
culprit. Bomb scares are often communicated via telephone and call recording
will also be handy here. 

Author Bio: This article was written by Brian Madden; Online Marketing Assistant at Crown Telecom.

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