A Mobile Casino App Comparison of Microgaming and Playtech

Microgaming and Playtech are arguably the two biggest providers of online gambling software in the world – each site claims to be the biggest on their respective website. The level of competition between these mammoth players has a level of intensity akin to two gladiators locked in battle.

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Both of these software providers have been competing with one another since the late 1990s when they were both formed. The latest battlefield on which they are competing is that of mobile casino apps. A technology explosion over the past ten years has created the lucrative new mobile marketplace, but do they compare?

Mobile Casino App Comparison
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Mobile History Round
Microgaming claims to have first created online casino software in 1994, placing it a few years ahead of Playtech. Moving on to mobile casino software, Microgaming is again ahead of Playtech. Microgaming first created mobile software as early as 2004, although it has taken some time to take off.

Playtech is a litter later to the party than Microgaming, having been founded later in 1999. Although it has delivered consistently on the quality front since founding, Playtech took until 2012 to release its ‘Mobile Hub’ (developed in conjunction with its Mobenga subsidiary). Playtech loses this one for being slower to the punch.

Advantage: Microgaming

Device Compatibility Round
Microgaming powered casino sites that offer the mobile app are, for the most part, highly compatible with most mobile devices. The standard three platforms include Apple, Android and BlackBerry, with HTML5 and more catered to.

When you look at the Playtech website, it tries to give you a similar impression of compatibility. In all honesty, that is simply not the case. The bulk of Playtech sites with mobile predominantly favour Apple users, sometimes even just those with iPhones. Microgaming definitely takes the computability round.

Advantage: Microgaming

Games and Software
As a software provider with a considerable background, Microgaming has amassed a back catalogue of more than 600 games. For mobile casino games, the site has simply converted some top names from its extensive back catalogue. Titles such as Tom Raider and Major Millions have received the mobile conversion treatment. Microgaming’s mobile selection is one lacking wow factor.

Playtech holds an exclusive license with Marvel and some top Hollywood studios. This development team churns out higher quality and games a greater frequency. In addition, Playtech creates special mobile versions that aren’t merely conversions (see Pink Panther Scratch and Rocky Scratch for examples).

Advantage: Playtech

Innovation Round
Both of these software providers now provide live dealer games to some of their top sites – games in which a real person takes players through the dealing in real-time. However, Playtech is definitely ahead for providing these on mobile devices, with Microgaming not yet ready to roll out. Playtech is demonstrating its superior technical innovation to Microgaming and wins this round comfortably.

Advantage: Playtech

Based on the rounds above, Microgaming and Playtech are even for their mobile casino apps. As of 2013, this is a fair reflection because Playtech hasn’t quite started to pull away from Microgaming yet. However, it may be a different outcome in 2014 if Playtech sorts out its platform compatibility issues.

Author Bio: Michal Dorner has studied Media Technology and Philosophy of Technology at postgraduate level and also taught Media Studies. He writes about mobile web trends and blogs for BingoOnMobile.co.uk among others.

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