Fingerprint Technology And The Motorola Atrix

The Motorola Atrix is a mobile phone that features new technology to protect the consumer from hackers and spammers, even if one’s mobile phone is lost or stolen. This technology is called fingerprint recognition, which means that only the mobile phone user can access information on the mobile phone, in order to ensure privacy and security. What is the definition of fingerprinting? According to, fingerprinting is defined as a distinctive or identifying mark or characteristic.

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 Motorola Atrix
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What is the history of fingerprinting?  According to the website Crime Museum (, fingerprinting can be traced back to 1858, which was invented by Sir William Herschel, who used fingerprints as signatures.  In 1905, the United States Military adopted the use of fingerprints, and police agencies began to follow suit by adopting the use of fingerprints.


In 1892, Juan Vucetich was the first person to use fingerprints to solve a crime, a murder, and fingerprinting was first used for discovering criminals, for two interesting reasons. The first term is called persistence, and in the world of criminology, persistence means that fingertip patterns do not change. In fact, fingerprint patterns are formed in the foetus and the fingerprint patterns stay the same throughout a person’s life.  The second term is referred to as uniqueness, that is, that each person’s fingerprints are as unique as a person’s DNA.

Based on research, the first fingerprint database for the computer was developed back in 1980. This is known as the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). Currently, there are almost 70 million individual fingerprints in the AFIS system.

How interesting that fingerprinting that once was used for catching criminals is now being used to protect against criminals. How does fingerprint technology work?  Research shows that fingerprint technology is based on the classification of the ridges on the fingertips.

The fingertip ridges contain three types of patterns: the arch, the loop, and the whorl.

  • The arch, which is the first type of fingertip pattern, contains an arc. In the arch fingertips, the ridges will enter from one side of the finger, then ascends in the centre in the shape of an arc, and then descends to the other side of the finger.
  • The second type of fingertip ridge is called the loop because of the curve of the fingertip. In the loop fingerprint, the loop will enter from a side of the finger, curves in the middle, and then descends to the other side of the finger.
  • The third type of fingertip, called the whorl, is due to the circular formation. The whorl pattern consists of ridges that form in a circular motion in the centre of the finger.

The Motorola Atrix:  talk about a mobile phone that is literally accessed at one’s fingertips! This is another twenty-first century technology that allows consumers to bypass passwords, so if the mobile phone user password is forgotten, the mobile phone user can still privately access accounts and other information. Consumers can give The Motorola Atrix a thumbs-up!

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