The Motorola Atrix- Stylish, Innovative And Affordable

The Motorola Atrix has officially joined the long line of high-quality products that are a part of the Motorola family. Initially viewing this device, you may notice that it is similar to a few of its predecessors, but looks are one of the only places you will see this. As we explore some of the details of this phone below, you will see very quickly that this is a capable device that will please most.

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The Motorola Atrix
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The User Experience

Even the best phone won’t have a very long life if it is not capable of performing adequately. Users, who are looking for a device that is fast, powerful, and crisp, will soon be rejoicing over this phone. Starting on the exterior, you will notice a very rugged touch screen. Most users can agree that it is tougher than average and provides a predictable response when in use. Movie buffs and photo lovers will notice quickly just how clear the screen on this phone is, as a matter of fact, Motorola even says “it is better than 20/20 vision” so, who knows just how clear this screen really is.


Continuing to work our way around the outside, you will notice that front and rear cameras are available on this device, and the video chat features will most certainly make good use of them. Both of the cameras found are 5 megapixels and you can certainly get a decent phone with either of them. Rounding out the exterior of this phone, you will notice the smooth, rounded corners that lead across the carbon fibre like battery cover.

The Exterior Specifications

Speaking more technically, this phone has dimensions of 63.5 x 117.75 x 10.95 mm and weighs in at right around 135 grams. The touch screen on this device is 4” and is covered with Corning® Gorilla® Glass. You will also notice the fingerprint scanner located on the outside of this phone.

The Internals of the Motorola Atrix

One of the truly innovative features of this phone is the fingerprint security feature. This will ensure the safety of your most important work files. You will also find a 1GH processor that comfortably takes this phone to the limits of 4G. Once you have accessed this device, the innovative web browser will likely capture your attention with features such as flash support. As we touched on earlier, this phone also supports video chat.

Another feature is that consumers can hold business meetings, informal chats, or talk to their loved ones from this phone anywhere, due to sophisticated video chat capabilities. Those of you who love movies will be especially thrilled about the ability to hook this device up to a television to view movies. Photos can also be viewed through the external TV hook up.

Overall, I can safely say that this phone is excellent. The innovative browser and chat features are great for staying connected to the world. The styling and durability of this little device will enable you to do those things in style. This is really a great device and is a very capable addition to the Motorola family.

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