PPC advertising is an extremely varied and highly versatile online promotion system that’s operated by numerous companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and numerous smaller players. Of all of these, the most famous and by far the largest ad network is the dual system run by Google. Google takes up such a large percentage of all online PPC advertising that when most people talk about PPC, the search company is what they’re really referring to with its Adwords system (the PPC ads customers buy so that their products can be promoted in search results and websites) and its Adsense system, which is the other side of Adwords and represents the people who maintain ads on their sites.

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How PPC Can Make Money
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How PPC Works
The basic model behind most PPC advertising revolves around keywords: in order to start either a PPC campaign as a seller or set up websites that display and promote someone else’s Paid ads, you need to know the best keywords for your target audience.

This means picking a sales or content niche in which you’ll be working, finding the keywords that get the most search queries from the major PPC providing search engines and either bidding on them and using them in your site content and ads as a seller who’s using PPC to advertise or as a content provider who has pay per click ads enabled on his site. The trick is to make the keywords you pick for your content or ads as relevant as possible to your PPC ads so that the people who find them are the ones that are most likely to click on them and make you some money from either sales on your site or from per click commissions.

Whichever of the available PPC networks and systems you’re interested in; there are numerous tactics that will help you make as much money as possible through pay per click in any one of several of its forms.

1. Set up a Sales Site for your own Products or Services
This is the most conventional and probably most labor intensive way of making money through PPC campaigns. To get it kickstarted you need to create a product or service, set up a website that’s nicely full of rich content, offers and all the necessary stuff that will describe what your business is about, what you’re selling and what kind of prices you offer. Your site will also need a sales page that has a fully functional shopping cart and checkout button enabled on it.

Most importantly, once you’ve set this site up, you need to create landing pages for your products. These are the pages that your PPC ads go to when someone clicks on them, and they should be filled up with high quality, convincing sales copy that makes as many visitors as possible want to buy what you’re selling. Since PPC ads cost a certain amount per click, you need to aim for as high a sales conversion rate (the percentage of people that buy out of those that click to your website) as possible if you want to make a nice profit.

2. Affiliate PPC Campaign
This is an even easier way to get started making money with PPC ads. Instead of creating your own products and services, just advertise someone else’s! Find an affiliate broker who’s offering the highest possible commissions for their products or services and set your keyword research, ad design and ad copy so that it attracts your affiliate partners target audience. From there you can make money either by setting up a website of your own that promotes your affiliates product and offers sales that are done via a special promotional code or link that connects to your own affiliate account, or you can take an even easier route and create PPC ads that go directly to the affiliates sites through your Advertising account.

Another really easy way to make money with affiliate PPC marketing, the easiest of all, is to sign up for PPC ads that appear on your own website or network of websites based on relevant niche content and have them connect to your sales commissions account for the person whose products you’re promoting.

3. Adsense PPC
Adsense gives you lower earnings per click but it does have the awesome benefit of being completely cost free. With the Adsense PPC earning strategy, you need to set up niche content websites on different topics, fill them with as much interesting content as possible and place PPC ads from other peoples Adwords campaigns on them. Your only expenses will be running your own website but you can get rid of even this cost if you use free hosting services along with free site sub-domain URLS like Google’s Blogger to create these niche content sites.

Typical Adsense earnings for every click you get to the ads placed on your site are really small, measuring only a few cents per click, but if you target your site content really well you can make a lot of extra money from it. What you need to do for maximum earnings relate your website content really well to the ads on your page in a way that really makes people want to click on an ad so they can buy something or at least take a look at it. Every click you generate gives you cost free earnings that can add up to thousands of dollars per month if you have enough ads set up on a really popular website.

To make your odds of success with Adsense type PPC earning, set up a large network of niche websites, each with its own distinct keyword strategies designed to attract the best possible kind of Google ad placement for maximum clickthroughs.

Stay Away from Spam and Spam-like Websites
A quick word of warning; Google and most major search engines want people to continue clicking on the ads in their PPC platforms and they know that the only way they’ll get this is by making sure the ads all lead to sites that are useful, interesting and really have something valuable to sell or offer. If you’re creating a PPC strategy that revolves around linking to spam sites, tricking people into buying low quality products or, worst of all, if you’re using PPC for spam purposes, you can be booted from many major pay per click platforms. So, keep your work honest and don’t try to fool internet users into clicking on your PPC ads with blatant lies or tech manipulation.

Also, make sure any pages you have connected to PPC either as sales pages for which you’re buying advertising or content pages on which you’re displaying advertising have some genuine viewer enticing content on them. By doing this you avoid getting punished by Google or other PPC companies by being kicked off their search marketing platforms.

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